Monday, December 7, 2020

33 Ford Coupe

 I finished up the video on the 33 Ford Coupe.  This is a much cleaner build than the Mustang I posted last week.  I was trying a new paint, Turbo Dork Metallic.  This is a great paint and it went on great with my airbrush.  I will be picking up more of these paints plus some of their color shift paints.  

This build also has a lot of 3D printed parts on it as well.  The wheels came from Dice Mechanic Games our of the UK.  I ordered their wheel bundle and they have some great products.  The exhaust pipes came from Not My Days Army and I picked those up in January at LVO.  The figure in the back came from North Starr Military Figures and is part of their Wasteland Warriors line.  

I kept this build real clean to show off the great paint job because this will be one of the cars on display at the local shop and this will let people see how this metallic paint looks on a model.  On to me next project have a great week.


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