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Thursday, January 10, 2019

What's New with Mike and Jeff January 5, 2019

I forgot to get this episode posted from Saturdays show.  It has been a busy week and a lot of exciting news going out from the New Year Day Open.  Jeff could not be on the show because his flight was canceled so our buddy Dusty filled in.

I also was recently interviewed by The Lonely Havoc podcast.  It was a fun interview just asking me 20 random questions.  Podcasts are great to listen to while you paint so check it out and subscribe to Havoc Cast.

Adeptus Custodes

Kicking off 2019 with painting Adeptus Custodes for an upcoming event.  This is going to be a 50 Power Level army with only 12 models.  These models paint up fast being all gold and just adding a few details.  If I enjoy playing them I might add some additional models to the army and create a proper 2K army for larger games. 

These five models make up almost 1/2 my army.  I have another 5 that I painted up awhile back however they need to be some work to match these models.  Once those are finished I just have the jet bike and I'm done. 

Friday, December 28, 2018

2018 Comes to an End

2018 was an amazing year and I spent a lot of time/money on GW products.  I see the same thing happening in 2019.  Let me go through my list of success of 2018 and goals for 2019.

  • It was a great year for our live stream, What's New with Mike and Jeff.  Our fan base continues to grow and we have a regular group that tunes in on Saturday morning to watch us live.  We are still keeping the shows focus on local community and promoting events taking place and new product releases.  
  • We also set up and ran two events that we both very successful.  
    • Grumble Bowl 2018:  The had a great time with this event with a lot of coaches showing up.  This is going to be an annual event taking place around September every year.  The next event should be NAF approved event so we can grow the event and grow attract more coaches. 
    • 40K OG:  This was a test event that exploded and people really enjoyed the event.  We wanted to see if there were players that just wanted to play a more causal event that was more about playing the game.  We had almost 30 people show up to the event and people were having fun.  It was still a tournament with winners and handed out awards.  We had some great feedback and players really wanted this event to be more than an annual event.  We decided to make this a quarterly event and will improve it after each event. 
  • Airbrushing:  I continue to learn how to use my airbrush for more than priming models.  I have set up my hobby desk so my airbrush is always set up and ready to go.  I have gotten away from the fear that I have to set up the big booth to use the airbrush.  I can airbrush just a few models using a box to capture the over spray and takes no time to set up.  I am using the airbrush to add more colors and highlights and it has become another tool on my desk.  
  • Oil Paints:  I set out in 2018 to learn how to use Oil Paints on miniatures.  I did spend some time learning how to use the paints and even painted a small army for Dark Age.  After learning this skill I have determined that I don't want to paint armies using Oil Paints.  These paints are best used for certain things on a models, like smoke or glowing pieces.  Another tool on my desk for those character models that I want to stand out in my army.  
  • Painting:  I am always learning and improving my painting skills.  I still feel adding a wet pallet to my hobby desk has been the best improvement to my painting.  I still am learning how to wet blend and glaze my colors and I have seen improvements in 2018 with the models I painted.  I don't feel I will settle or master painting miniatures, I will always be looking at new products and trying new techniques to help me improve my miniatures.  
Playing Games:
  • Age of Sigmar:  2018 kicked off with me taking part in a slow grow league for AOS.  I put together and started painting an Iron Jawz army.  It was a great time and had a blast playing the game.   AOS had an exciting year with the release of 7 army books, Soul Wars and Living Spells.  I will continue to play this game in 2019 and maybe finish painting my army.
  • 40K:  I played a lot of 40k in 2018 with the 40K OG and just causal playing.  The Ork codex came out towards the end of the year and it was a smashing release.  GW also release a stand alone game called Speed Freeks that had two new vehicles for the Orks and also 4 additional vehicles.  I will be retiring my old Ork army that were painted over 10 years ago.  I will still play them but as I paint new stuff the old models will go away.  
  • Blood Bowl:  I hit the grid iron a lot this year gearing up for the Grumble Bowl.  I painted up a new team and had a blast playing them.  I really do like playing this game and GW released another game called Blitz Bowl.  I wanted to get this on the table however just never found the time.  It looks like a fun game just to play at home with friends.  
  • Underworld: Shadespire:  This game started out strong for me in 2018 but faded away as the year went on.  I like everything about this game and continue to collect the different factions that come out but just don't have time to play.  Maybe I will get it back on the table in 2019.
  • Adeptus Titanicus:  I was really excited when GW finally announced a release date for this game.  It came out around August and I went a bit crazy buying everything I could.  Unfortunately the game never hit the table.  It was at the same time I was getting ready for the Grumble Bowl and the 40K OG.  I never had time to really paint to play the game.  I did manage to get some Knights painted and recently finished a Reaver Titan.  I am still excited about the game even thou GW is doing a terrible job releasing product for the game.  I don't want to get on a rant about that, I am still excited about the game and enjoy painting the models. 

  • I'm a Hoarder:  In 2018 I finally admitted that I am a hoarder and enjoy collecting models as much as building/painting.  I'm at the point I might need to rent a storage unit just to keep my stash of models.  I picked up a lot of models this year from people clearing out their collection so I could add to mine.  I don't see this stopping and I will continue to collect and hoard more models.
Other Hobbies:
  • Scale Models:  I started exploring Scale Models in 2018.  When we talk about the improvements we see coming out of the miniature world, Scale Models are seeing the same advancements.  Scale Models are not longer meant for children they have some amazing kits that are so much fun to build.  I did build and paint a Scale Model this year and found it very rewarding.  It was also a way to help me improve my airbrushing skills and discover new products not found in the miniature world.  I don't see my self getting too deep in the Scale Model world mostly because I have no place to display the models once I have them built.  I just see my self have a few off to the side that I will work on when I need a break from miniature painting.  
  • RPG:  I have always like playing RPG's but just like everything else I enjoy doing I don't always have the time.  I know getting back into RPS's is not going to happen so I decided to start collecting the old Fighting Fantasy series that were Choose Your Own Adventure.  These books have really scratched that itch I had for RPG's and have opened up a new world for me.  I really enjoy solo gaming and have found many games RPG style games that are developed around solo gaming.  I don't necessarily like reading books but I can sit for hours reading a CYOA book. 
Goals for 2019:

I don't really have any big goals to work on in 2019.  I see myself continuing to work on improving my painting skills and playing games.  I am going to finish a few projects that I started in 2018 but outside of that I am just bracing myself for another wild ride in 2019.

  • Custodes:  I am going to finish my Custodes project I started a few years back.  I want to play them in the new 40K OG.  I have been working on a few models and will have a small forced completed soon.  

  • Iron Jawz:  I really hit this army hard at the start of 2018 but it faded away once I had to work on all the larger models.  I don't really like painting larger models and prefer to paint troop models.  I am going to get this project back on the hobby desk and finish it unless the new goblin army is more attractive to paint.......
  • Blood Bowl:  I will paint a new team for the Grumble Bowl in 2019.  I want to paint and play a new team each year we have this event so I can build my collection of painted team. 
  • Adeptus Titanicus:  This is going to be my main focus in 2019.  I have already been talking to the GW store manager and we want to set up games between his store and IOG.  I just need to paint up a few more models to have an army than start work on the terrain.  I have a feeling once I start playing this game it will become my main game to play.  I have hopes that GW will have some strong releases for it next year and maybe add more models to the range.
  • Lord of the Rings:  This game was relaunched in 2018 with updated rules and army books.  All the plastic models are available to purchase again and new models are being released slowly.  I already have two painted armies for this game and boxes of unpainted models.  I am going to make a push to play this game again in 2019.  If I still like it as much as I did back in the day I could see this game pushing AOS off my list of games to play.  
  • Conventions:  I am going to the Las Vegas Open in February but not playing in any events.  I am taking some painting classes and hanging out with friends.  I want to make this an annual event for me since getting out to Adepticon is just to cost prohibitive.   
  • Other Games:  I really don't see myself playing any other games this year.  I still have passion for a lot of the games from Warlord and Tomahawk Studios but just no time for them.  I did receive a copy of TANKS: Modern and have been messing around with it.  I might get a few games of this in but just for fun nothing to serious.  Who knows what 2019 holds for me with gaming maybe I will make an effort to get Bolt Action and K47 back on the table.  
  • CON Games:  This is something I started working on a few years ago.  I want to create a library of games that are fun to play at conventions.  I have already completed on game, Thunder Alley.  I took the board game version and up scaled it to include matchbox cars.  It is a fun way to play the game and I started work on a few others.  This concept has faded away for a few different reason however has recently come back on my radar.  In 2019 I am going to finish collecting the components I need for my WW1 Airplane game and continue collecting the models for Startship Troopers.  I am looking forward to start working on these games again.
That is my recap of 2018 and looking forward to 2019. 

Have a safe and Happy New Year


Wednesday, December 26, 2018

GW Paint Box Reveiw

A few weeks back GW released a Paint Box and Hobby Progress Box with some really interesting trays that can be set up on your hobby desk.  At first I thought these boxes would be something I could use to transport my hobby supplies back and froth to the game store.  It turns out these boxes are not stand alone transport boxes, they do not have a handle and are not completely covered.  They are only designed to hold paint pots unless you get the Hobby Progress Box that has trays to only hold some tools.        

It turns out that the boxes were designed to be placed inside one of the new GW style transport cases.  You can remove a foam tray or two (depending on the size box) and place the box in its place.  They fit nicely in the transport cases along with some foam trays. 

I don't own the new GW cases however I do own two of the 'Ard Cases that I picked up at Adepticon a few years back.  The foam trays are the same and I wanted to see if the Paint Box would fit inside.  I removed one of the large foam trays and replaced it with the Paint Box.  

The Paint Box fit okay in place of the foam tray just needed to squish the bottom tray a bit.  The two top trays fit and the lid closed without any issues.  Now this is my new Hobby Box that I can use to transport my projects back and forth from the game store.  I use one of the foam trays to hold my tools and I will have my paints with me as well. 

The Paint Box is very interesting and can hold a lot of paint depending on the brand of paint you use.  The two trays are designed for only the newer GW paint pots.  The paint pots fit in firmly and don't fall out.  The trays have slotted holes so that they can be hung on a wall to keep your hobby desk better organized. 

Under the trays you can store the large paint pots used for washes and textured paints.  I also discovered you can store other brands of paints in the bottom portion.  You also store the legs for the paint trays on the far sides of the bottom portion of the box, you can see the legs in the second photo.  The legs do prop up the trays to make it easier to see the tops of your paints.  

My final thoughts on this GW release is just meh.  I really think GW did a poor job advertising the product and how it is designed to be used with the transport case.  I like the concept of the paint trays with legs however the paint pots fit so firmly in the tray I end up picking it up to removed a paint pot.  Even with the concept of the slotted holes to store the paint trays on the wall, the paint pots are in too firmly and it will have to be removed from the wall to get your paints out.  I don't see myself using the legs on the trays and just setting them on my desk flat.  You also have to have a few GW paint pots in the trays if you are going to take it to the game store.  The two tops trays are held in place only when you have GW paint pots in the tray.  If you don't have the paint pots in place and pick up the box the trays will shift around and wont hold the paints in place in the bottom storage.  I will be able to use the Paint Box in the 'Ard Case that I didn't have a use for because I don't like the new foam trays sold by GW.   I do feel these cases are a bad design and a miss for GW. 

Saturday, December 15, 2018

This is our last show of the year and we will be returning on January 5, 2019.  Since Jeff is out of town for the holidays Darren step up and took his place.  It was a fun show filled with exciting new product.