Saturday, May 20, 2017

Custodian Guard Squad

I finished my first unit of Custodians for my new army and must say they were fun to paint.  I picked these models up in a trade and they were already primed gold, GW Retributor Gold.  I followed up the gold with a Reikland Fleshshade and some dry brushing, Vallajo Bronze, Brass.  I finished the model with a dry brush of P3 Radiant Platinum to give the metal a worn look.  I then picked out some of the details and called the models finished. 

The base is done using the GW Agrellan Earth with some brown washes and dry brushing.  This is a great product that I have used before and gives the base some texture.  I don't prep the base before using this stuff, the thicker you put it on the larger the cracks will be in the base.  I just lather the product on and let science that it course.  

I am not going to work on any more of these until the new rules come out for 40K.  I am not sure if the Custodians will be their own force or used in another way.  I am also not sure how the 30K tie in will with the new rules.  I have heard different rumors and will just wait till the rules come out so I can know for sure.  I have other projects to keep me busy till then.

Monday, May 15, 2017

5.11 Tactical Gaming Vest

I am exposed to a lot of uniforms, tactical bags and stuff.  The other day I saw this cool vest that really caught my eye.  It is made by 5.11 and they make a lot of uniforms for Public Safety and they like to add a lot of pockets.  I decided I would pick this up and use it for gaming.  I know it is totally geeky but it works and I can hold all my dice, templates, tape measures and even rule books.  Let me show you all the cool features of this 5.11 vest. 

It is hard to see the pockets but it has a total of 9 pockets on the front of this vest.   Some of the pockets are open, one has a zipper, a few have Velcro and it has two pockets like a jacket behind the lower pockets.  These pockets hold my dice, templates and tokens.  I started adding some buttons I have picked up over the past few months and will add more as time goes on. 

The back of the vest has a pocket that holds a mini rules book and two water bottles.  This will work out great at Adepticon 2018 so I can keep two large water bottles handy.

It also has pockets on the inside of the vest.  It has a standard pocket on the left side that can hold larger templates and one in the back of the vest that can hold 8.5 X 11 paper. 

It also has some larger pockets between the two layers of the vest.  This will let me keep more army lists and other paper items.

I know it is a bit geeky to have a vest to hold my gaming aids while I play but I like it.  I used it on Saturday and it worked out great.  I loaded the vest up with everything I needed for the games I was playing and just wore it while I played.  It was very handy and now it just needs some patches and more buttons. 

Friday, May 12, 2017

Shadow War: Armageddon Tokens

When GW released Shadow War: Armageddon it sparked my interest in casting again.  I purchased a resin casting kit from Micro-Mark and decided to work on the tokens first.  I simple photocopied the tokens and cut the designs out on plastic card.  Then using some plastic 25mm tokens base a set to be cast in resin.

Pleased with my results I move forward creating my mold using an old cigar tin.

I did a few test casts and they turned out good.  I did get air bubbles however I think this will add to the tokens.

After casting a set of 10 tokens and cleaning them up I had some issues.  The thickness of the tokens were not the same, some thin other thick.  I was not happy and could easily glue them to a metal washer and call it good.  I decided to test a few different methods of casting the tokens.

First Method

I poured the resin in the mold and pressed the washer in.  My fist attempt did not work out so good however the second attempt was perfect. 

Second Method

My concern with this method is that the resin would peel off the washer and that they would not hold up over time.  My next test was taking a smaller washer and just using it to add some weight to the token.  I worked fine however created the same issue as above with the thin resin.

Third Method

My last method was just to set the washer on top of the mold after I poured the resin.  After I set the washer on the mold I topped off the washer with the resin.  This created a thicker layer of resin over the washer and let chances of it peeling off.  The only down side is making sure to line them up correctly.  


Of all the methods I tested I liked the third method the best.  I took a razor and tried to get the resin to come off and I couldn't.  So I moved forward and made me some tokens and painted up a set.  They look good painted up and will blend in on the table and much better then cardboard. 


Thursday, May 4, 2017

Lets Talk About Painting: Part 8

Zenithal Priming is all the rage these days with miniature painting.  This is not new it just seems to be more popular these days with more miniature painters using airbrushes.  I have been using a form of Zenithal Priming for years just never had a fancy name for it.  When I paint smaller scale model I prime them black and then dry brush them white.  For 28mm models I will prime white and then giving the model a black wash.  What happens is the paint will be brighter over the white and darker over the black creating tones without having to mix and blend colors.  Here is a great picture that illustrates Zenithal Priming that comes from Power Fisted and there is also great article I suggest reading. 

The challenges I have found with Zenithal Priming its not that forgiving.  Your paint has to be thinned down so you don't cover the white.  Once you get your base coats down and have created the tone you can't mess up painting the details.  It is really hard to match the tone that you have created and if you ever have to do touch ups the model it is even more challenging.  That is the down side of using Zenithal Priming. 

On the plus side of Zenithal Priming is the color tones created are amazing and can make for impressive models.  It does not have to be done with just an airbrush, it can also be done with rattle cans just takes more practice.   Just like anything in this hobby it just takes practice to learn how to use this technique and master this skill. 

Monday, May 1, 2017

April 2017 Update

I really didn't get a lot of stuff painted this month.  I did finish two airplanes for Aerodrome 2.0 which checked off another box on my 2017 Bingo Card.  The last two months have been crazy for me but now that temperatures are starting to rise I will have more hobby time.  I will spend May working on my Test of Honour force and finishing up some more Custodians for my 30/40K army.  I am also going to start work on a casting project that I will share more about later in the month. 

Keep Painting

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

40K 8th Edition

Social Media and the Internet are buzzing with all the news about 40K 8th edition coming out.  It seems GW is just killing it right now and really becoming the gaming company they once were.  To add to the new rules coming I guess GW is opening a store closer to my home so they must be anticipating increased sales in my local area.  I don't know what woke this sleeping dragon but it has turned my hobby life upside down and spun it around.

I was bitten by the GW bug again and will be jumping on the 8th edition band wagon.  We still have some time till the new rules come out so I decided to start working on my Custodian army.  This army caught my interest when they were released but I just let it pass.  Then I had a friend offer to trade his small force with me and I couldn't resist.   Below is a picture of what I received in the trade.

So while at Adepticon I picked up a few more things for my new army.  This is the first time I really purchased any Forge World models and they are amazing.

What I like about the Custodian army is it can be used for 30K or 40K and will really push me to learn how to paint metallic colors.  Early this week I decided to paint up one of the models.  My buddy had already primed them using the GW gold, which cost about the same as real gold.  I just gave the model a wash with Reikland Fleshshade, highlighted with some P3 Radiant Platinum and pulled out some details.  It only took me a few hours to finish the model and it turned out pretty good.

Then for the base I used the GW Agrellan Badland Texture, one it dried gave is a wash and some dry brushing.  Added some static grass and called if done. 

I am happy with my results so I will be finishing the rest of the models the same way.  Now lets just hope the new rules don't suck and maybe I will pull out my Orc collection and get that finished. 

Aerodrome 2.0 update

I finished my second plane for Aerodrome 2.0.  I has some issues with the decals on this Zero.  A few of the decals broke apart while finishing the model.  It was frustrating and I was able to fix most of the damage.  I had to paint over the yellow in the tail and it went on a bit thick.  I am not trying to create display models so it will work as a gaming piece for now. 

 I also started cutting up some MDF to be used as bases.  This is 3/4 inch MDF so it will be heavy enough to support the planes while at high elevation.  Next I need to buy some square tubing to put in the round holes.  I made 10 bases for now I might cut some more this weekend just to have extras on hand. 

I am also working on a trade with a local gamer.  He has a collection of 1/72 planes so we are going to work out a trade for my Xwing stuff I don't play anymore.  With this trade I will be able to get my American Pacific force done and a good start on some German planes.  I will be hunting down some more Zero's to finish a Pacific collection and get this game on the table.  I still have a lot of work to do but it is exciting working on a project like this.