Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Adepticon 2017

So I will be leaving in a few days to hangout, geek out and get my drink on at Adepticon 2017.  When I originally made the decision to attend Adepticon I was really only playing Warlord games with a few friends.  Time changes all things and I am now looking at GW more these days.  With all the success of Blood Bowl and now GW recently announced the release of Shadow War Armageddon.  They are not calling it Necromunda but from what I have been told by people that have played it already, it is Necromunda.  It seems that GW decided to use the 40K range models for the game and have made some new amazing terrain.  I hope they have this game on display so I can see it for myself and maybe get a change to demo it.  I will be picking this game up when it is released which is going to be in April. 

It also appears that GW is releasing 8th Edition 40K to include 30K.  The two games will be played differently, 40K will be more of a skirmish game and 30K will be large scale combat.  So if these changes take place I will be pulling out my Orks and getting them back on the table.  I will be spending time at the Forge World booth at Adepticon and maybe the start of a 30K army.

GW is also floating rumors around the web about a new version of EPIC coming out later this year.  What they are sharing right now is it will be Titans and tanks battling it out on the table.  I hope they will add infantry and other ground troops to the game.  If this happens I will become a GW fan boy again.

I still will be playing Warlord Games and when I return from Adetipcon I will be picking up my Test of Honor order from the local game store.   This is not a historical game and is more of a beer and pretzel game.  The rules are simple and is just an excuse for meq to paint up Samurais.  I know that Warlord will be demoing the game at Adepticon and I will give it a try if time permits.       

I will be also taking part in a group game of Blood and Plunder from Firelock games.  This is another game that my local store will be stocking and I will most likely start playing it.   

I am just scratching the surface of all the new games that will be at Adepticon and can't wait to see more.  It is just hard with all the cool games coming out and I only have a limited amount of time to play.  I will be posting pictures on Twitter and when I return home I will update my blog page. 

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Blood Bowl Team

So next week my wife and I will be traveling to Adepticon and I can't wait.  I finished up some more models for my Goblin Blood Bowl Team.  I added three secret weapon models and another troll giving me 16 models total.  I really like how this team turned out and I can't believe it took me so long to get them painted.  I took my time and practice blending and layering the paint.  I am taking a class on wet blending at Adepticon and I hope it helps me.  I am also taking a class on speed painting so lets hope I learn a thing or two.         

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Adepticon 2017

This month my wife and I will be traveling to Chicago for Adepticon.  This will be my first experience at a large convention and I am really excited.  I am not participating in any tournaments just taking  a few classes and shopping.  Below is my schedule and I am looking forward to attending Aaron Loevjoy's class on Wet Blending.  I will also be meeting up with a lot of the people I talk to on Twitter and share a few drinks.  I am just going to geek out for 4 days and shop till my wallet bleeds and my credit cards are declined. 

AdeptiCon 2017 Very Important Gamer (VIG) Weekend Badge Upgrade

Hirst Arts Casting and Terrain Seminar (Rich Nelson) 24-Mar-2017 9:30 AM

Painting Better and Faster (Anthony Wang) 24-Mar-2017 7:30 PM

Starship Troopers 25-Mar-2017 8:00 AM

BADGER - Transparent Painting Techniques (Caleb Wissenback) 25-Mar-2017 2:30 PM

Wet Blending 101 (Aaron Lovejoy) 26-Mar-2017 9:00 AM

I am going to take my a few Blood Bowl teams with me for pick up games.  I just finished most of Goblin team, Blue Moon Rising.  I have another Troll to finish and I might get a few start players painted up. 

I am not a big fan of the foam bags but I picked up the new one from Battle Foam.  It is designed for Blood Bowl and has extra room for my electronics for the trip.  It is going to be fun making new friends and will do a write up when I return. 

Models Workshop 2017 Bingo Card Update

So I am still working on my Bingo Card from Models Workshop.  I checked off 3 boxes in February and plan to get a few more checked off in March. 

Let me run through the three boxes I checked off this month.

Make a Diorama or Vignette:  I did a small diorama using 1/35th scale military models.

Apply a Technique you learned in a video or tutorial:  The model I entered in the monthly challenge has a lava base.  I watched videos on line to learn how to do this.

Paint a mini from the shelf or drawer of shame:  The wizard I painted up for my Frostgrave army was a model from a drawer of random models that have never been painted.  

Till next month.........

Monday, February 27, 2017

Lets Talk About Painting: Part 7

My local game store is hosting monthly painting challenges for the customers.  The goal is to push the local painters to work with different models and paint different ways.  I keep calling it a competition but it is a challenge.  You might have seen my entry for February, it was a Chibi model and really pushed my painting skills.  Well this month we have been presented with a Reaper miniature which is more in my wheel house.  The challenge is I can only use 8 colors of paint and they can be mixes and thinned but only 8 colors.  I decided to take this challenge a bit further and use all my new Liquitex paints I picked up from the local craft store.  The colors I am going with are listed below.  

Flesh Ink

One of the new skills I am going to have to learn is using a wet pallet.  Since I will be mixing paints I will need to keep them active longer.  One of my favorite painters recently posted a video on how to make a wet pallet that I just followed his instructions. 

I am using a cigar tin for my wet pallet because I had one just sitting around.  It is a solid bottom so the water will not leak out. 

I played around with this last night and it does keep my paints active longer.  I will need to learn how to thin my paints while using the wet pallet.  The moisture on the pallet already thins the paints some so I just need to add less water.

I covered the wet pallet when I was done and checked it out this evening when I got home form work.  The paints did separate some but still usable. 

I was pleasantly surprise how much I liked using the wet pallet however it is some work getting it all set up.  I do feel the extra effort setting up the wet pallet will pay off in the long run.  I will be using it for this months painting challenge and if it helps with my painting I will continue to use it. 

I will also be making my own washes since it is consider a paint.  I have made washes before and learned a lot watching Mel at The Terrain Tutor.  With everything set up it will be time to paint up this months model. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Last year I played some Frostgrave with some friends and enjoyed the game.  I don't get to game with this group of friends on a regular basis and we only play once a quarter.  We are going to play another game this weekend and I painted up a few models for my war band.  My war band will be taking the illusionist spells and I plan to take the Beauty spell.  If I can cast this spell Humans will see a beauty so my caster needs two models.  This was a great excuse to paint up some of my Raging Heroes models.

I also used another one of the Raging Heroes models for the apprentice.  She is a sinister looking model with what I am calling a frost sword. 

For right now the rest of my war band will be made up of Viking models until the second half of my Raging Heroes KS ships out which should be next month.  Since war bands are small I can have some fun and paint up a few different war bands for the game. 

As you can see I am using a lot of Red on these models.  I am still practicing and cataloging my Red paints.  I was amazed by how many different shapes of Red I have in my collection and I am sure I will buy more as time goes on.  I have 12 shades of Red paint, 4 inks and two other paints that can be used with Red.  I have one shade of Red paint that I don't know what color it is, fourth color down.  That is my favorite shade of Red however I have worn the printing off the bottle and don't know what color it is.  This is why I started putting clear tape over the colors on my paint bottles.  

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Lets Talk About Painting: Part 6

Something I have always done was write down the colors of paints I used when painting armies.  I have found it helpful in case I had to touch up a model or add a new model to an existing army, I could better match the model to the army.  I have done this in the past by using 3x5 cards just kept in a box on a shelf.

What I do is just write down some notes while I am painting the models on the 3X5 card.  Nothing earth shattering with this.  I might change some colors after painting a few models and I would just edit my notes.  Once I decided on my colors I would just rewrite my notes to a final version and call it good. 

Last year I took my note keeping to the next level.  I picked up a water color note pad so I could actually show the color I was using.  I wanted that color reference in case the paint color names change or I have to use a different brand.   

I also started creating 3X5 cards for paint colors.  I was doing this to catalog my paints and I could just refer to my cards to see the different colors.  I found it helpful cut limited being on a 3X5 card.

Today I went out and purchased a water color note book so I can catalog my paints better and even some of my paint recipes and techniques.  This is important to me because I use so many different brands of paint and have so many different shades of the same colors.  This month I have really been working with Red and this is my collection of Red paints and Inks.

My goal is first and for most go through my paints and make sure they are still good and catalog them in my new journal.  I should be able to practice some on my new techniques on the water color paper it is designed for painting and I have not had any issues with my other waster color note pad.  Then I will keep all the different brands together in one storage box so when I am looking for Red I go to one place and have all my paints.  I can also just flip to that page on my journal and I can see the differ colors better and read my notes on how I have used them.  I feel this is going to be very helpful for me as I move forward developing my painting skills.