Sunday, August 20, 2017

Stormboy Nob Boss

I am trying something new for my blog page.  I am learning how to live stream on Facebook using the video on other forms of social media.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Storm Boyz

I finished up my Storm Boyz this week.  I really like these older models and need to find some more to add to this unit.  Right now I am just running a unit of 8 Boyz and have a Nob boss that I will be getting painted up this week.  They were fun to paint and I got to practice my wet blending skills on the rockets. 

Monday, July 31, 2017

Loud'n and Raging Kickstarter

Today I received a mysterious package from overseas.  It was part of my rewards from the Raging Heroes Kickstarter I backed in 2015.  These are amazingly detailed models cast is resin however the resin is brittle and breaks if you are not careful.  This partial shipment includes the Long Swords Regular with Command and Spear Women with Command. 

One of the challenges I have with miniature companies using Kickstarter for product is the constant delays with delivery.  This is one of two Kickstarters I am still waiting to close out, the other one is Robotech.  I backed this over two years ago and have moved on and now don't have any use for the models.  Even if I used them for the original game I purchased them for, I am still waiting for the rest of my rewards to complete the army.  I might consider using them for AoS as Dark Elves or something but not until I get the rest of my rewards. 

Saturday, July 29, 2017

More Orks

I finished these Orks a few weeks ago I just never posted any pictures.  These models will finish up my Ork Boyz for my 1000 point army.

I had some fun with one of the big shootas using a Nob backpack with ammo runt.  It needed some modifications to fit properly but I like the end result.  Now that these are done I will get my Storm Boyz painted up and should have this force done soon. 

Friday, July 21, 2017

Storage and Transportation

Now that I am getting back into 40K and soon AoS it was time to make some new storage boxes.  I have talk about my storage system before back in 2009.  I thought it would be a good subject to share again.

I use simple banker boxes to store and transport my armies. 

I just cut the height of the box for the army I am working on.  You might noticed I messed up when cutting this box.  I forgot to take the lid off.  The good thing these boxes don't cost that much.  The box in this picture is 5 inches tall.

Once I have the box cut I cut fold over the side pieces and tape them down with box tape.

Then I place a some double sided tape to the bottom flap to keep it secured. 

For my Ork army I line the bottom of the box with adhesive magnetic sheet I picked up from the craft store (Michael's with a 40% off coupon).  It is the perfect width I just cut it to length.  This works for me because me because I use metal fender washers for my bases. 

Now some of my older models are metal and much larger.  I have a large collection of the business card magnets to create more strength. 

For my Custodian army I have rare earth magnets and I line the bottom of the box with sheets of metal. 

Saturday, July 15, 2017

40K FAQ: "Within 1 inch"

I played 40K today and the more I play the game the more I learn.  For such a small rule set it is packed with a lot of details.  Now that we have the FAQ we are getting more clarification to the rules. 

What we can do now with this clarification is deny Over Watch shooting.  If we can end our movement 1 inch away from the enemy they can't Over Watch Shoot if you charge.  The rules for Over Watch Shooting state that you can't Over Watch Shoot when models are "Within 1 Inch". 

For friendly games I don't see this being a big issue.  If my opponent moves and can end around 1 inch away I will not get Over Watch Shooting.  In tournaments or competitive playing I can see this being a big issue.  I can see people saying they are over 1 inch or that they don't have the movement value to end within 1 inch.  I wonder if tournament organizers restricting this rule a bit more.  They might state that you must end your movement more then one inch away. 

This is an important rule for the game and will change the way I play.  It is going to add a new level of strategy to the game. 

Another good change to the game is the release of the Open War cards.  This is just a deck of cards used to randomly select your objective, deployment and twists.  Just a fun way to play the game using Power Rating and adding more ways to play.  Also includes Ruses and Sudden Death Victory cards.  The player with the lower Power Rating gets to draw a Ruse card.  These cards just give small bonuses and are not very exciting.  Now if the Power Rating is double the other player then the player will also draw a card from the Sudden Death Victory deck.  The Sudden Death Victory cards just give the weaker player a way to win the game by accomplishing a task like killing the warlord.  I have not played using the Power Rating but next weekend I will be giving it a try using these cards.  It might be a better way to play.