Sunday, June 25, 2017

My First Game of 40K 8th Edition

On Saturday I played my first game of 40K 8th Edition and it was fun.  My buddy Jeff and I decided to throw down 1000 points of match play.  I pulled out my Orks and he had his Space Wolves.

So lets look at what 1000 points gets you playing Orks.

1  Ghazghkull Thraka HQ 215
3  Killa Kanz HS 188
5  Lootas HS 85

1  Boss Zagstruck HQ 88
8  Stormboyz 98

3 units of 12 Boys 318

This is a Battalion Detachment giving me a total of 6 command dice at 992 points

We just set out to play a basic game to get familiar with the rules and prepare for a tournament scheduled for July 1.  For both of us this is a new game because we stopped playing after 5th edition and were very opened minded to the new rules. 

I don't want to get into all the different rules but there are a few that I will need to remember.

1.  When shooting you just roll against your BS and no modifiers.  After all your re-rolls you then add any modifiers.  This is just a new concept I am not familiar with and it really helped speed up my shooting phase.

2.  Weapons that do multiple damage only do damage to a single model.  So when I shot a weapon that does 3 damage into a unit of infantry it will only kill one model.  For weapons that do multiple mortal wounds will remove one infantry model for each mortal wound.  Just one of those rules that will need to be remembered when playing.   

3.  The new moral rule is great and makes life simple.  Any unit that looses a model takes a moral role at the start of their turn.  They roll a D6 and add the number of models lost.  If the value is higher then the units leadership you loose that many more models.  For my Ork Boys we have a special rule that says their leadership is the same as the number of models in the unit.  So a unit of 30 boys charging across the table will be a wall of destruction.

4.  How you charge models now is a big change.  You declare the units you are charging and they can take their over watch firing.  You then roll 2D6 for the charge distance and have to have the first model moved end its move within 1 inch of an enemy model.  If you fail to get within one inch of the unit you are charging it is failed charge.     

5.  Moving out of close combat is now a thing.  You are no longer locked in combat and you can move out.  If you do you can't shoot or charge another unit unless you have the fly key word.  This now adds some new options when playing the game.  If a unit gets charged and survives I can move them out on my turn.  Then I can have another shoot at that unit and charge in for close combat with a fresh unit.  It just adds a bit more strategy to the game.

These were the big rules that we knew going into our games however being our first game we messed some of them up.  This happens a lot to me because I play a lot of different games and getting rules mixed up just happens.

I will say my first impressions of 40K 8th Edition are positive and we had a lot of fun playing the game.  Sure we had to flip around in the book and read some rules as we played but it was our first game.  I will say my unit sheets were very helpful and I was able to get to my data sheets faster.  To me it felt like I was playing a game of Bolt Action first edition or K47.  The rules were very straight forward and after rolling some dice we had the rules down.

Now if everything goes right I will be playing again this Thursday and then a 5 game tournament on Saturday.  This will really help me get a better impression of the game and hammer the rules in my head.  Lets hope this first impression is not just the new shinny game syndrome and it really revitalizes the miniature community. 


Monday, June 19, 2017

Warhammer 40K 8th Edition

June 17 was a great day for the gaming community with the release of 40K 8th Edition.  I picked up everything I needed to support the release.

Now I didn't need two starter sets but I plan to use the Primaris Space Marines with my Custodian / Sisters of Silence forces.  I also plane to make a Death Guard force with the models in the two starter set plus a set I already have.  This will give me two more armies in the future however I will finish my Ork army first. 

I also picked up the dice, tactical cards, White Dwarf and the measuring tool.  I could not resist the measuring tool and once I got home I punched a hole in it and put it right next to my AoS one.

On the release day my local game store was hosting a Boot Camp.  It was just two guys playing, explaining the rules to everyone and answering questions.  It was a great way to get people together and just share their excitement for the game.  By the end of the day all the tables were full of people playing 40K and it took me back to the good old days when the shop was full of people playing games. 

With all the positive reviews about the new edition of 40K I have one criticism.  The army Index have the point values in the back of the book.  When I want to create an army list for Matched Play I have to flip back and froth in the Index.  With the cost of the Index only being $25 I decided to cut the pages out of my Index and create my own unit sheets.  I scanned all the pages into my computer and just did some cut and paste.  Then I created a table to add in the weapons/cost for the unit so no more flipping around in the book.  It is a minor criticism and I don't know why the costs could not just be added to the data sheets.  I will admit I really do like my solution creating the unit sheets.  Now I can just pull out the sheets that I need for my army making it easier while playing. 

Moving forward I will be spending more time reading the rules and playing the game.  On July 1 I will be taking part in a one day tournament at 1000 points and only 1 or 2 detachments.  The goal of this tournament is just to get everyone together playing the game and helping each other learn.  Also starting in July I will be taking part in a painting challenge.  We will be painting up 500 points a month over the next four months to create 2000 point armies. 

Well that is how my 40K 8th Edition weekend went and it was just a lot of fun.  

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Gearing Up for 40K 8th Edition

Warhammer 40k 8th edition will be released this Saturday are you ready for it? 

Just like other miniature gamers I stopped playing 40k after 6th edition came out.  At that time Games Workshop prices were just going through the roof and I started playing other games.  I attempted to get back into 40k a few times but the rules just got too complicated for causal fun games.  The new CEO took over in 2015 and has been making a lot of good changes with prices and products.  2016 GW brought back Blood Bowl and it has been a big hit for the gaming community.  Earlier this year they released Shadow War: Armageddon and another big hit for the gaming community.  This Saturday will be the release of Warhammer 40k 8th edition and people are excited and pulling a lot of us back into the GW customer base. 

Games Workshop sent out review copies to the stores and social media outlets and this has helped build the hype for the release.  I have jumped on the hype train and pulled out my Orks and started looking at my collection.  I figured I would start painting up some new models and started with Zagstruk.  My goal is to finally finish a 2000 point Ork army over the next few months while I learn the new rules and get back into 40k. 


Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Painting Space Marine

I recently received a new Grex airbrush combo kit from a deal I worked out with a friend.  It is a great airbrush and the compressor is real quite so I can use it in the house. 

To celebrate my new airbrush and the upcoming release on 40K 8th edition I decided to paint up a Space Marine.  I also decided to paint my model using the Badger Ghost Tint just to learn how to use them in my airbrush.  The picture below shows the model after painting with three different shades of Ghost Tint. 

I painted the underside of the model using a purple, then a mid tone blue and a final highlight of Plasma Blue.  It really created a great look for the model and some natural highlighting.  After the paint dried and the model was dull coated I gave it a wash in black. 

I was real happy with the result and finished pulling out some details and called in finished. 

I will admit I got a bit carried away with the black wash on the shoulder pads and I could not go back and fix it so I added a decal.  Now when I get a hold of the new Space Marine models I will try a few more and maybe an army.  The Ghost Tints were easy to use and worked great in my new airbrush.  I will do another post in the future showing how I applied the tints but for now I just wanted to share this model. 

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Birthday, Phoenix Comicon and a Warhammer Store

This weekend was busy for me and all fun stuff.  My weekend started off on Thursday and I turned 47.  The day started off with my brother sending me a picture of use when we were in High School.  The bug was are sitting on was my first car and I wreck it and never really got it back on the road.  It was just a great trip down memory lane.

I really didn't do a lot during the day but my wife and I got a chance to go see Guardians of the Galaxy 2, it was a good movie.  After the movie we went to Long Horn Steak House for dinner and drinks.  It was a great birthday.

On Friday and Saturday we spent the weekend at Phoenix Comicon.  I have mixed reviews about the event because of what happened on Thursday.  Some guy took weapons to the event and wanted to kill a actor and cops.  In response to that the City of Phoenix and event organizer had to take quick actions to ensure the safety of everyone.  They had to add check in security and no weapons, including foam swords, could be taken in.  The problem is with the venue, the Phoenix Convention Center was not designed for high security.  They have a lot of enter and exit points and if someone really wants to get a weapon inside they could.  The event organizers are also going to have to make decisions on what vendors are invited back next year.  The vendors selling real swords and weapons and only wrapping them in a cardboard box does not seem secure to me.  From what I heard, they kicked one vendor out because they refused to wrap up their plastic lightsaber.  I understand the over reaction taken and just hope it is all worked out by next year.

My wife and I still enjoyed the event and the best moment was when my wife meet her favorite author, Diana Gabaldon.  We were just standing by the door to the room she was going to be speaking and she walked up.  The room was not available yet and she was standing around waiting with us so.  I asked if she wouldn't mind taking a photo and agreed.  She was very nice and my wife was so excited to meet her. 

On Saturday after we left Phoenix Comicon we headed over to Goodyear to take part in the Warhammer Stores grand opening.  This new store is just 9 miles from my house and they have a few table for playing games.  I am sure I will be checking out the store from time to time but not really designed to host games on a regular basis. I did pick up the Space Marine Terminator Captain collector model that they were selling.  It will be a nice addition to my new Space Marine army I will be starting one day in the far future. 

On Sunday, today, I got to hang out at the game store and play K47 with my buddy Jeff.  We played two games and had a blast.  We don't get to play that much and when we do it is always fun.  What we both like about the game is how one player could be losing and then get a few of their diced pulled and swing the game to their favor.  It is just a fun game to play and I hope the rules don't get revamped like they did with Bolt Action.  I should be getting a few new units for my Russian army in the next few weeks to round out my force. 

It was a great birthday weekend filled with all kinds of geeky adventures and fun. 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Custodian Guard Squad

I finished my first unit of Custodians for my new army and must say they were fun to paint.  I picked these models up in a trade and they were already primed gold, GW Retributor Gold.  I followed up the gold with a Reikland Fleshshade and some dry brushing, Vallajo Bronze, Brass.  I finished the model with a dry brush of P3 Radiant Platinum to give the metal a worn look.  I then picked out some of the details and called the models finished. 

The base is done using the GW Agrellan Earth with some brown washes and dry brushing.  This is a great product that I have used before and gives the base some texture.  I don't prep the base before using this stuff, the thicker you put it on the larger the cracks will be in the base.  I just lather the product on and let science that it course.  

I am not going to work on any more of these until the new rules come out for 40K.  I am not sure if the Custodians will be their own force or used in another way.  I am also not sure how the 30K tie in will with the new rules.  I have heard different rumors and will just wait till the rules come out so I can know for sure.  I have other projects to keep me busy till then.

Monday, May 15, 2017

5.11 Tactical Gaming Vest

I am exposed to a lot of uniforms, tactical bags and stuff.  The other day I saw this cool vest that really caught my eye.  It is made by 5.11 and they make a lot of uniforms for Public Safety and they like to add a lot of pockets.  I decided I would pick this up and use it for gaming.  I know it is totally geeky but it works and I can hold all my dice, templates, tape measures and even rule books.  Let me show you all the cool features of this 5.11 vest. 

It is hard to see the pockets but it has a total of 9 pockets on the front of this vest.   Some of the pockets are open, one has a zipper, a few have Velcro and it has two pockets like a jacket behind the lower pockets.  These pockets hold my dice, templates and tokens.  I started adding some buttons I have picked up over the past few months and will add more as time goes on. 

The back of the vest has a pocket that holds a mini rules book and two water bottles.  This will work out great at Adepticon 2018 so I can keep two large water bottles handy.

It also has pockets on the inside of the vest.  It has a standard pocket on the left side that can hold larger templates and one in the back of the vest that can hold 8.5 X 11 paper. 

It also has some larger pockets between the two layers of the vest.  This will let me keep more army lists and other paper items.

I know it is a bit geeky to have a vest to hold my gaming aids while I play but I like it.  I used it on Saturday and it worked out great.  I loaded the vest up with everything I needed for the games I was playing and just wore it while I played.  It was very handy and now it just needs some patches and more buttons.