Sunday, September 6, 2020

Some Recent Finished Models

 I recently finished some projects and tried something new.  

A few weeks ago I spent the weekend painting up a Necron army for Hobbicon.  It was a great weekend of painting and I got a lot of models finished.  I still had two HQ models that didn't get done during the weekend and I recently finished them.  I really like how these turned out and how I was able to blend the green on the weapons. 

Another project that I finished helps me reach my hobby goals for 2020.  When this year started I wanted to finish old projects that have been taking up space on my hobby desk.  I had a small unit of Custodes that were collecting dust and they are not finished.  I still have a few more projects that I will finish up this year and I feel moving forward it will be one project at a time, well that is what I say now until I find more cool models to paint.

The last thing I finished was a test model.  I have been wanting to work with oil washes for a long time.  I have been wanting to try it because you have more control over the wash and it has an extended drying time.  The other advantage is all the colors available in oil and mixing custom colors.  So I picked up a Space Marine and went to town just using a simple black oil wash.  It really turned out great and I am happy with the results.  I still have a lot to learn using oil washes but I feel the they provide a better result. 

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