Sunday, July 26, 2020

Affordable Terrain

I am always looking for unique and affordable terrain for the games I play.  Awhile back I was at Target and noticed these interesting storage containers. 

They were not expensive, $1.99, and were filled with random vehicles and roads that can be used to build a city.  I was just interested in the container and thought it would work good for Gaslands and even 40K as scatter terrain.

The containers need some work removing the company name and if you want the logo.  Once those are removed you have some new scatter terrain for your game table. 

Just so you can get a size comparison that is my recent VW project next to the container.  I feel they are a good size for Gaslands as a storage container and in 40K they could be an ammo box.  Just good terrain at an affordable price.

I decided to paint one up and just give it some weathering.

If you are in the market for some affordable terrain head over to Target and these can be found in the Hot Wheel section. 

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