Sunday, June 28, 2020

1956 Ford Truck

I recently finished my 1956 Ford Truck that my wife wanted to me to paint for her.  It was meant to be a fast project only taking a few weeks.  Well it ended up taking much longer because I messed up the paint on the cab and had to wet sand it back down and repaint it. 

What happened is I didn't wait long enough between paint and the clear coat causing wrinkled paint.  It was only bad on the passenger side however the cab had to be wet sanded and repainted.  After I repainted I let it sit for 3 weeks until the paint fully cured.  What I learned is that the rattle can gloss paints will dry to the touch in a day however it will not be fully cured for weeks.  This is why model car builders have a few different projects going on at a time so that the paint can cure. 

The engine, rims and suspension came out great.  I didn't get carried away with adding wire details because this model will just be sitting on the shelf in the living room.  The model kit provided a wood grain decal for the bed of the truck and I used that instead of trying to paint it. 

Last night I had a few small details to finish up and I called this model finished.  It was a fun project and I am expanding my painting skills working on these scale models.  Scale models are a lot of fun to build and require more attention to details and tons more patients. 

Here are some photos I took after work today.

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Tim Kulinski said...

Looks awesome man, good to know on the paint, I usually let models sit out in the garage after I rattle can them, in our desert heat it acts like an oven and cures the paint very well.