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Gaslands Garage

I was scheduled to teach a class at the Arizona Game Fair on how to build cars for Gaslands.  It was going to be a lecture style class going over all the products I use to build vehicles and help other players get creative with their vehicle builds.  This event like many others has been postponed until organizers determine if it can be rescheduled thanks to COVID 19.  I have already put a lot of time in creating this presentation and I deiced to do my best to share my presentation in a written format.  I know it will not be the same however if you have any questions please leave them in the comments.

Gaslands Garage

What is Gaslands:

Gaslands is a vehicular combat game that players can draw inspiration for many different backgrounds to build their vehicles.  When I introduce other players to this game I reference Mad Max or Death Race.  I have seen other players building their vehicles using Mario Cart and Star Wars Speeders.  This game allows players to be as creative as they want and you build vehicles that you find cool and exciting.  

Purchasing Vehicles:

The game was designed using 1/64th scale die cast vehicles because of the movement templates.  Most vehicles purchased in our area are Hot Wheels and Matchbox and they can be purchased at a variety of locations.  I have found the large grocery stores like Fyr's to be a great source for purchasing vehicles but don't rule out any place you shop at.  I have found vehicles at CVS, Walgreens, Goodwill and Savers.  It seems that these die cast vehicles are real popular for children.  When I am purchasing new vehicles I just look for something I think looks cool and that I want to push around on the table.  Many of the newer vehicles already have weapons attached to them and can be used right out of the package.  

These are some vehicles that can be used right out of the packaging for Gaslands.

Some examples of vehicles I purchased at Savers.

This is an amazing find on Facebook Market Place with over 200 vehicles.

Gluing the Wheels:

Once you have purchased a few vehicles you need to decide if you want to glue the wheels so it does not role or put your vehicle on a base.  This is a personal preference and I choose to glue my wheels.  The main reason I do this is to prevent the vehicle from moving if the table gets bumped while playing.  If you choose to put your vehicles on a base refer to the rule book, Gaslands Refuelled Page 177, for some recommended base sizes.  

Simple Build:

You might not want to invest a lot of time painting your vehicles and just want to get them on the table.  One fast method is to sand the vehicle to some medium girt paper or a file to scuff up the surface.  This will allow the primer to adhere to the surface so that you can paint it.  It is important to understand that most of these vehicles have a gloss coat over them and if you don't prepare the surface you could have some issues with paint adhering.  

1.  Scuff up all the surfaces of the vehicle including the window and wheels.  
2.  Make any modifications to the vehicle like adding weapons or armor.
3.  Prime the vehicle with a primer meant for metal and plastic.  
3.  Paint your vehicle how you desire. 

It is just that simple and it does not need to be difficult to create a vehicle for this game.

Keeping the Original Paint:

Many of vehicles I have in my collection already have great paint on them and all I want to do is add a few weapons.  This can be done and is another fast method for getting your vehicles on the table.  You will need to make the decision if you want to take the vehicle apart or keep it together.  For right now I will outline how to do this process keeping the vehicle together and later I will discuss how to take these vehicles apart.  

1.  If the vehicle you are working on is shinny and you want to dull it done you are going to want to spray it with Dull Coat.  This is a matt clear finish that will that the shine away.  You will need to mask the windows of the the vehicle so that they don't get sprayed with the Dull Coat.  
2.  Any weapons or armor that you are adding to the vehicle will need to be primed prior to adding them to the vehicle.  You will need to use a CA glue, Super Glue, for these additions so that they will stay on your vehicle.  Once on the vehicle they can be painted. 
3.  If you sprayed the vehicle with Dull Coat you can paint some of the details on the original vehicle.  If you did not the paint will have a hard time adhere and staying on the vehicle.  Paint does not like adhering to glossy surfaces that is why primers are flat and the Dull Coat is basically a primer with no color. 

These are just a fraction of some of the great vehicles with cool paint jobs.

This is one of my vehicles that I kept the original paint, I just painted some of the details and added  weapons.

Weapons and Stuff:

One of the first questions I asked and have been asked by new players is, "What do I use for weapons?".  The answer to this question is, "Anything and Everything".  The rules for Gaslands do not require your vehicle to have visible weapons and all you have to do is pay the points (Cans) when building your vehicle.  This is not a WYSIWYG game system and you can just use vehicle right out of the package to play.  The joy for me is building vehicles and I like to add weapons to my vehicles so they look cool on the table.  There are so many different sources that players use to add additional details to their vehicles but let me go over the most common ways.

1.  Toothpicks and card stock are used by many players.  The toothpicks can be used as gun barrels and the card stock can be used for armor plating.
2.  Plastic Card and Metal Tubes can be purchased from hobby shops and craft stores.  They can be used the same as above but will requires some different tools to cut.  The photo below are some brass tubes and rods that I picked up at Hobby Lobby.  I can use these for gun barrels and making new axles that I will talk about later. 

 This El Camino was one of my first vehicles.  I kept the original paint and used a plastic tube for the gun barrel.

3.  There are a verity of vendors 3D printing weapons and body parts for vehicles.  I recently purchased some great weapons while at the Las Vegas Open form a vendor.  If you have a 3D printer you can also find a lot of files to print your own.
4.  You can also get parts from other vehicles.  The weapons from the earlier photo can be used on the vehicle you are building.  I purchase a lot of vehicles for the engine or wheels to modify other vehicles.  When you are out shopping for new vehicles also be looking at them for parts that you can use.  
5.  If you already play miniature games you might already have a collection of spare model parts in your collection.  These can easily be used to for Gaslands with some imagination.  There are many games that can be listed to get parts from the most popular are 40K, Flames of War and Team Yankee. 
This is an example of a vehicle I used parts from other vehicles, the engine and wheels.  The two gun barrels are just plastic tubes.  The blades are from my Age of Sigmar Ork bits for that extra wastelands look.

6.  Secret Weapons has released brass etch weapon packs.  These are an advance modelers product and require special tools.  I have experience using brass etching working with scale models and they look great.  I have not used these for any builds yet but will in the future. 
7.  I found the best way to add weapons to your vehicles is to purchase the Implements of Carnage from North Star Military Figures.  This pack was designed for Gaslands and has many of the weapon options in it.  The pack if full of parts that will help you modify your vehicles and even comes with 2 motorcycle with riders.  It is a great option and costs less than $20.
Adding weapons to a vehicle is an option and not required by the rules.  It does make you vehicles look cooler if they are equipped with the weapons.  You can go crazy modifying vehicles and I find it to be a lot of fun.
This is an example of a vehicle that I heavily modified.  It stated put as a VW truck and trailer.  I chopped the trailer in half and added it to the back of the cab making it a VW bus.  It has a 3D printed missile pod, exhaust pipes form another vehicle and wheels from two other vehicles.  I used plastic card to fill in the body and cover up the sun roof on the top.  I spent a few weeks working on this vehicle and feel it turned out great but still needs paint.

Advance Builds:

I really enjoy how creative Gaslands allows players to build their vehicles.  It is a lot of fun purchasing these childhood toys and chopping them up for vehicular combat.  I go all out with my builds and I don't allow reality to stop me in my creative process.  I approach each build with an Orc mindset, if I think it works than it works.

1.  Taking Vehicles Apart:
If you want to take your vehicle apart you will need to drill out the posts that hold it together.  This will require a 3/16 metal drill bit.  I am lucky and have a drill press set up in my garage and makes this tasks real simple.  Most people don't have one of these and will need to use a hand drill.  Metal drill bits work best at low speeds and you will need to be careful when doing this.  It would be best to hold the vehicle in a vise and go slow while drilling.  If the drill is not held up straight with the post it might walk off and could cause damage if the base of the vehicle is plastic.  I strongly recommend that you find some videos on YouTube covering this subject in more detail.  

2.  Removing Paint:
These vehicles are covered with a thick coat of paint and a lot of the details are lost.  I remove the paint from all the metal parts using Citristrip.  There are many products that can be used to removed the paint from metal however I like the smell of citrus so this is my product of choice.  I have a small mason jar on my hobby desk and I will just drop the parts in it and let them soak for 24 hours.  You will see the paint just fall off when you pull it out of the Citristrip.  I purchase this product from Home depot and it can be used multiple times.  You have to keep in mind this is a paint stripper and should not be handled without protection.

When I removed a vehicle I will set it on a paper towel and use an old tooth brush to remove as much as I can.  I will than pick it up with a clean paper towel and spray it with water removing more.  Once I feel I have most of the product off I will than add some dish soap to my toothbrush and give it a good scrubbing.  After this I will than take it to my kitchen sink for one more cleaning with soap and hot water.  I know it seems like a lot of steps but the result is worth it.


3.  Removing Chrome and Gold Plating:
Purple Power is a great product for removing Chrome and Gold plating from plastic and will also remove paint.  I recently messed up a scale model I was working on and thought I was trash.  I soaked it in some Purple Power and all the paint came off.  This stuff is great for removing paint and can be found at Walmart in the automotive section.  It is not very expensive and also can be used around your home to clean paint off the floor, not that I know anything about that. 

I keep this also in a small mason jar on my hobby desk.  I will put parts in it and will let them soak for about 30 minutes.  I will check to see if all the plating came off and if it has will remove it from the mason jar.  I will wash if off with dish soap and hot water and let it dry for 24 hours.  The reason I remove the Chrome and Gold plating is so that the paint will adhere better and not rub off.  Paint does not like adhering to plating even if you scuff up the parts. 

4.  Cutting Vehicles Apart:
I have 3 different saws for cutting up vehicles and parts.  The top two are hacksaws with fine tooth blades.  These are great for cutting up plastic and metal.  The bottom one is a jewelers saw and is great for detail cutting.  The jewelers saw uses really thin blades and they break easily.  You will want to make sure you purchase extra blades and be patient using one.  I don't recommend using the jewelers saw for cutting plastic it will cut too fast and you will end up breaking blades.   

5.  Adding New Wheels and Axles:
These vehicles are designed for specific wheels from the manufacture.  If you want to change the wheels to something larger you will need to make new axles.  This can be done using tubing and rod, my preference if brass.  I simply cut the tune and rod to the size I need and glue it to the bottom of the base.  Depending on how much adjustment you need to make and the vehicle you are working on this might require some additional modification.

These two vehicles had new wheels and axles added to them.  You can see in the second picture how I just glued the brass tube on the base than I took the brass rod to help hold the wheels in place while the glue dried.  You can also use plastic tubing and rod if you have it available. 

6. Adding Additional Details:
You can use a lot of things found around your home to add details to your vehicles.  I can list everything that you can use and it is really just up to your imagination.  I have some of the more popular items shown below to help get you started. 

These Snap Fasteners have two parts and one part have spikes on them.  They work great for adding spikes to your wheel.  They are a bit sharp and you might want to dull the tips down with a file.

Adding some screen material to cover the windows really gives your vehicle that wastelands look.  I like using the Wife Form because it is aluminum and easy to work with.  I purchase mine from Hobby Lobby or Amazon.

I found this wire at the dollar store and it is another great way to add some additional detail.  If you feel the wire is took thick you can remove the plastic coating to make it smaller.

7.  Painting Vehicles:
Having the vehicle apart makes painting it so much easier.  Make sure the primer you are using is meant for metal and plastic.  I use a verity of different spray paints for my vehicles and it just depends on what is available at your local stores.  I have had a lot of luck with the Rust-Oleum paint and primer from Walmart.  It is not expensive so I can have a few colors on hand for the different projects I am working on.  

8.  Putting on Decals:
Decals add some great personality to your vehicles and come in a verity of different sizes.  Over the years I have collected a lot of decals from all the games that I play.  Adding them to my vehicles is a great way to reduce my collection.  With all the detail on the body of these vehicles I recommend using a decal solvent like Micro Set or Mark Fit Strong.  These products will cause the decal to form around the details and look like it was painted on.  I apply the decals before weathering so that the decal will get weathered and look like it has been on the vehicle.  If you have never used these products before I recommend searching YouTube for some instructional videos.  

9.  Weathering Vehicles:
Weathering your vehicle is a personal choice.  Just because Gaslands is set in a wasteland does not mean your vehicle has to look like a rust bucket.  There are so many options for weathering your vehicles and I can't list them all. 

The weathering added to this car was done using a sponge and a few different shades of brown paint.  I just took a small piece of sponge and dipped it in paint, I than dabbed the sponge on a paper towel so that it did not have a lot of paint on it and went to work on the vehicle.  It is a fast way to add some chipping and mud to your vehicle.  

10. Putting Vehicles Back Together:
I use CA glue to put my vehicles back together.  I will find the contact points for the body and the base of the vehicle.  I will put a drop of CA glue on the different surfaces and put it back together.  If you made a lot of modifications to the vehicle and the CA glue might dry to fast for you to put it back together, than use 5 minute epoxy.  This will give you more working time and will hold it together.

I know this is a long post and I covered a lot of information.  My class was designed to be a one hour lecture and than some hands on instruction with the students.  I will continue to refine this presentation and will see if I can teach it next year at the Las Vegas Open.  If you have any questions or want me to go into more detail about any of the information I wrote about please leave a comment and I will write up a detailed post.

Have a great day

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