Saturday, January 25, 2020

Las Vegas Open 2020

It is Saturday morning and I am already home from LVO 2020.  We had planned on being at the event all weekend however sometimes life gets in the way.  My transmission started to leak and it turns out my front seal is going out.  This is going to be a costly repair and I had to make a very adult decision.  I decided to cut this years LVO short that way I could save some money for the repair work.  Vegas is not a cheap place to stay anymore and cutting this trip short will almost cover half of my repair bill.  The other reason I didn't mind cutting this trip short is there is not much to do at LVO unless you are playing in a tournament or taking a lot of painting classes.  The vendor hall is small and not many game demos taking place.  This is really an even centered around tournaments and afterwards going out on the town.  So I was able to drop in see my friends do some shopping and feel like I saw everything I wanted to see.  I hope when they move to the new location we will see an improvement with this. 

Thursday night I was able to get in for the big GW reveal and it was okay.  I enjoy being part of the audience and listening to how witty the presenters are.  People ask the same old lame ass questions and they have come up with some fun ways to respond.  As far as all the new models coming out and things going on I am not excited.  They did a hype video for Ghazghkull Thraka but it will require me to buy a new book for his rules.  I will pick up the model but will wait till a new army book comes out so I don't have to purchase multiple books.  They did mention that they are working on all the FW books and balancing those rules.  What I think that means is they are going to be dropping more of the FW model line and creating another book for people to purchase instead of adding the FW rules to the regular army book.  Lets face it GW is great at selling books and people like buying them. 

I signed up for the High Rollers package which includes a swag bag and you get early registration for next years LVO.  Inside the bag you get typical swag like T-shirts, glasses, models, paint and markers.  Not a bad little bag for the price.  Some stuff I will use other items will be given away to friends. 

I purchases a few hobby items.  I have been using Pro Acrylic paint for some time and really like the results I have been getting.  I picked up their new transparent paint in the new bottles.  The new paint bottles are give the customers 33% more paint and they only increased the cost by a quarter.  One of the selling points for these paints is they can be thinned down to a wash that will not leave that staining effect.  I will give them a shot and see what happens. 

I also picked up a leaf punch made by Green Stuff World.  I have been wanting to try one just never could justify the shipping.  Now I have one and will give it a try.

I spent some money at the GW store and picked up all the AI weapon packs.  I have been wanting to add these to my collection not sure if I will actually use them.  The challenge with GW and FW is you never know when they will stop making product and you will have to pay even more to buy it second hand.  I did notice that they were selling all the Sisters of Battle stuff early and it was not moving very fast.  That tells me that their army book must not be broken like all the new Space Marine stuff...... anyways 

I was not expecting to find anything for Gaslands at LVO and I was so totally wrong.  I found all kinds of cool stuff and purchased all of it.  So let me break down these purchases. 

Front Line Gaming is known for their second hand store and it has been successful for their business.  They always set up a shop at LVO and people buy it all up.  I found a Blood Bowl bag with some Goblins and Halflings for $20.  I really didn't need them but a few of the poses I don't have for my teams so I figured why not.

The first booth I saw had this amazing starter bundle for $60 which included this cool box.  If you know me you know I have a thing for boxes.  Inside the box was everything you need to play the game and some cool dash boards that I will be using.  If you purchased the bundle you also got 4 free cars, well I'm a sucker for new cars. 

Then Dads Armies was selling 3D printed parts so I picked some of those up.  They were different prices depending on what was in the bag.  All good stuff that I will be able to use and he will be at Adepticon with even more stuff so check his booth out. 

There was a shirt vendor that has a great Gaslands shirt so I of course I picked one up.  Just a fun shirt that I can wear on demo days and at events.  He mentioned he had a few more designs that will be ready for Adepticon so I better bring more money. 

For an overnight trip to LVO I feel very satisfied with my decision to cut the trip short.  I had a great time and got to visit with my friends.  I will be going again next year and this will be my annual gaming event.  The one negative thing about the event is the fact that they have activities taking place at different parts of the hotel and if you don't know about them you will miss them.  I hope with moving to a new location this can be resolved and the vendor hall can grow.  I feel with a larger convention area they can create more activities for people to do that are not playing in tournaments. 

Happy Gaming 


Tim Kulinski said...

Nice haul, look forward to seeing the Gaslands stuff you got.

Dean Vuckovich said...

I felt the same way about LVO the 2 times I went, more geared towards tournament then demos/vedor hall.

Did they mention where the new location and when it will be next year? There is a small chance I may be able to go.