Friday, January 17, 2020

Dice Tray

The other day my wife and I were at a Home Store looking for something for the house, I kinda wandered around and she shopped for stuff.  I came across this Nut Cracker Bowl Set and thought it would make a great dice tray.  At first it was just a thought that slipped away because I really didn't need it.  I placed it back on the display and continued to wander around and found myself back at the display for reasons unknown to me, I think my wife wanted me to look at something.  I picked up the set again and looked at the price, $10.  I felt the price was not bad and I decided to purchase it.  The reason I felt this would make a nice dice tray is it could be used by two players with a pool of dice kept in the middle.  As a bonus I get the nut cracker that I can use to open some of my paint bottles when they get sealed shut.

Below are some photos of my newly repurposed dice tray for $10 minus the nut cracker that has been repurposed as a paint bottle opener.  So the center section will be used to hold dice and the two other sections are the dice trays.  This will allow two players to use it for games that have a shared dice pool.  It can also be used for one player and just allows for the dice to be sorted out.  I used it for a recent game of Gaslands and it worked out great.  It is not big enough for rolling lots of dice but for small games it is perfect. 

I guess going to the Home Store with my wife paid off. 


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Robert said...

Nice find! You should cut some felt for the bottom to make it a little quieter and give it a finished look. I need to track one down.