Monday, February 11, 2019

Las Vegas Open 2019

I'm back home from an amazing weekend spent at the Las Vegas Open.  The photo above is the view from the room and it was great to see every night.  I took a lot of great painting classes over the weekend and did a lot of shopping at the Forge World booth. 

This is my score from the event.  The swag bag had a box for Stormcast for Shadespire and a starter team for Guild Ball.  We received two novels one from GW and the other form Privateer Press that I will gift to someone.  There was a verity of laser cut bases, base markers and other hobby items.  It was a good swag back with some useful items to add to my collection of stuff. 

I purchased book 5 for Hours Heresy and a reprint of Realm of Chaos.  I also picked up shoulder pads for my 30K Death Guard army, Telemon Heavy Dreadnought with all the weapons and the decal sheet for the Custodes.  I also found the unit boards for Adeptus Titanicus Knights and some house decal sheets.  Something cool that GW was doing was getting rid of old dice that were not selling or they just didn't want anymore.  Most of the dice were from Blood Bowl and Necromunda and some of the factions from different game systems. 

 I was able to pick up cool dice for my collection and even a few scatter dice. 

Speaking of dice my friends Clint and Yeji gave me a gift of some custom dice from Misty Mountain Gaming.  These a metal dice with enamel color and are very nice. 

I also purchased a verity of paints and other gaming items but nothing real exciting.

I spent most of my time taking painting classes with great artist.  The first class I took was on painting faces with Lyn at MetalHead Minis She is an amazing artist that I have known for years and it was great to finally take one of her classes. The model below is what I painted during her class and I am really happy with the results. 

I took two classes with CK Studios however no photos for these classes, one was just a lecture and I lost the model that I worked on during the class.  The classes were full of good information however the subject matter was too much for the time we had in class. 

The best class I took was with Peachy from Games Workshop.  He taught us how to get Space Marines ready for the table.  This was not a speed painting class it was getting your models to a good table top standard.  I had a blast painting in his class but I got the thumbs down from Peachy.

We received a few models form GW for taking the class and I will use them for a Kill Team.  I really like the results of the GW paint style and once I finish the unit I will post up proper pictures.

The best part of the event was that my wife went with us and she even had an amazing time.  The organizers have activities planned during the day for people that want to get away.  My wife took advantage of these activities and she had a blast.  She had so much fun and made new friends she wants to go back again next year.

I regret never going to the LVO before now however I plan to make this an annual trip moving forward.  They had a lot of different game systems being played and even casual gaming.  I can see the LVO growing and becoming just as amazing as Adepticon in the future.  I am now more excited to get Adeptus Titanicus finished so I can get some activity built around this game at LVO 2020. 


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