Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Assembly Line Painting: Always be Painting

I have been busy painting and getting models finished.  I recently finished 3 more Ardboys and have more in the process of getting finished. 

This post will focus on the concept of "always be painting".  My time to paint is limited due to having to be an adult and I need to maximize my hobby time.  I paint my models in small batches of 3.  Each set of models will be at different stages of painting and I do this for a few different reasons.  First, while I am waiting for paint or washes to dry I can be working on the other models.  Second, I don't like to waste paint so if I have extra paint on my pallet I will us it on the other models.  This helps me get the most out of the time I have to paint and keeps me moving while at my hobby desk. 

My next post will be a bit different, it will be more of a video so it might not be ready for a few weeks.

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