Thursday, March 15, 2018

Fighting Fantasy Books

I have been wanting to play in an RPG however I can't commit the time required.  I have a good collection of the Warhammer Fantasy second edition books and recently picked up all the books on PDF.  Knowing that I don't have the time to play in a group I rediscovered one of my child hood favorite games, Fighting Fantasy Game Books.  These are an RPG light game, not a lot of stats and just 2D6 to play and are solo games.  You read a passage in the book and make the decision on what you want to do, then read the required passage.  These are mostly dungeon crawl books however they did release other themed books like science fiction and horror. 

I found all the Fighting Fantasy books as PDF online free to download.  I downloaded a few and started reading them satisfying my RPG itch.  Now this started a new obsession collecting the original books and some of the other series I missed out on.  I recently found a great collection on eBay and picked it up.  Now comes the hunt for the rest of the collection because I am a completest and I am going through a bit of a mid lift crisis reliving my youth. 


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