Sunday, January 7, 2018

Shadespire Orruks

I have been playing a lot of Shadespire since it was released.  I really enjoy the game and it checks a lot of the boxes I look for in a game. 

It has miniatures
It has a card mechanic
It has deck construction
It is fast paced and competitive
It has accessories to enhance the game

I have already collected all the war bands for the game so I could get all the cards.  I decided to start with painting my Orruks war band and did a little customization to it.

The standard war band is made up of four Orruk models.  What I am doing is using some Ironjawz models to represent the war band when inspired.  I am planning on using alternative models for my other war bands as well when I get around to painting them.  I just want to do something to represent the model being inspired on the board while playing the game.  My goal is to have these all painted up in the next few weeks.  I will also be using these models in my AoS army which I will learning to play soon.     

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