Thursday, December 28, 2017

2017 In Review

This has been a great year for me with games played and hobby progress.  It was a year filled with distractions and GW taking a lot of my money.  40K 8th Edition really got me excited about gaming again and I am exciting going into the New Year. 

So lets take a look back at 2017 and what I did. 

- Using my Airbrush:  At the start of 2017 I purchased an airbrush booth and primer.  I started just using my airbrush to apply primer and getting use to how everything worked.  As the year went on I got more aggressive using it to add color and shading.  I am now using my airbrush a lot more and plan to continue to use it more in 2018. 


- Adepticon:  This was the only event I attended last year and it was a blast.  I met a lot of great people and purchased a lot of new models.  It was an expensive trip and I can't afford to go again in 2018.  There are a lot of events that take place throughout the year and I might attend some closer to home. 

- Improving My Painting:  I really focused on improving my painting this year.  I listen to a lot of other painters talk about how they paint and developed my own skills.  The best thing I started doing this year was using a wet pallet.  This really helped me thin my paints and mix my colors better. 

- Con Games:  When I was at Adepticon I played at great game called Aerodrome.  It is a WW2 plane game and I started painting up some 1/72 models.  I really felt this would make a great game to play a few times a year and is easy enough for anyone to learn.  I finished 3 models and made all the bases but I stopped working on it when I heard that Warlord was releasing Blood Red Skies.  I want to see if this game will be viable to using larger models and if it is fun to play.  My reason for waiting is I want to try and support games that can be purchased for the local shops and I hope Blood Red Skies will work. 

- Help Build the Community:  There was a time our community had a forum that people would use to schedule a game and talk about the hobby.  With changes to Facebook over the past few years the local community has pretty much stopped using the forum.   This is not unique to just our community, I have heard other people talking about the same problem in their community.  The problem with the use of FB is everyone is scattered all over the place and we not longer have a central place for our community.  My friend Jeff suggested we start a podcast and after doing some research we decided to start a Facebook Live Stream.  Our goal for the show is to showcase new products for sale in the local market and talk about miniature gaming in our community.  We are still developing the show and the goal is to be a resource for the community.  Developing and building this show will be a big focus of mine in 2018 as we add new segments to the show. 

Moving forward into 2018 I know that I will continue to be distracted by all the cool games that will be released.   Most of my gaming in 2018 will be centered around GW games and one might say I am a fan boy again. 

-40K:  This will be my game kicking off 2018 and I will be waiting for the Ork Codex to be released.  I will finish my 2000 point army and will most likely start another Ork list once the Codex is released.  

-Shadespire:  This is a game that really captured my attention.  It is a great combination of deck construction and miniatures.  I am currently working on my Orc force and picking up all the other forces when they are released.  It is similar to other games that force you to purchase new models just for the cards and I am a sucker for a good card game.

-Blood Bowl:  I will continue to get this on the table just not sure if I will be painting up another team this year.  It is a fun game but I already have two teams painted and feel I need to focus on other models first.

-Necromunda:  This was just recently released and I have not decided how far I will be jumping in on this game.  I did pick it up the box set and even played an introduction game.  The models are amazing and I will only have to paint a small collection of models for my gang.

-AOS: My buddy Joe is going to be starting a slow grow campaign and has asked me to join.  I will be taking part in this and will be using my Shadespire models to build my AOS army.

-What's New with Mike and Jeff:  We will be making a lot of changes to our show and our focus will be more on miniatures.

-My Blog Page:  I was very active on my blog page in 2017.  I will continue to use my blog page to document my hobby progress and my hobby information hub.  

I will most likely play some other games in 2018 but it seems GW will dominate my gaming time again.  It is also rumored that GW will be releasing an EPIC scaled game in 2018, Adeptus Titanicus, and if this is true that will become a major distraction for me.     


Robert Brightwell said...

Thanks for the update Mike! I hope you have a great year of gaming!

Dagreenskins said...

You to Rob can't wait to get started with 2018