Friday, September 8, 2017

Killa Kanz

I finished up my unit of Killa Kanz using some new products.  Lets take a look.

The first one I painted was done using a chipping fluid from Vallejo.  It turned out good however I was not very excited about how the model turned out.  I just really does not match my painting style and looks out of place in my army.

The second one I painted I used a light rust wash from the Mecha paint line by Vallejo.  I really liked the way this model turned out.  It matches my paint style of my army and made painting yellow easy.

The last one I painted was done using the dark rust from Vallejo.  This also turned out great and will look amazing in my army.  What I discovered with this product is what it does over a metallic silver.  It gives it a great color that I feel will work better with a bronze dry brush over it.  I will be giving this a try on a test model in the coming weeks.

I really like this new rust washes and I can't wait to use it on other models. 


Greg Hess said...

Awesome Mike!

You could always do two more with the chipping fluid, and use that to differentiate them from another squad!

Dagreenskins said...

Already working on building more we think alike lol