Monday, July 3, 2017

My First 8th Edition 40K Tournament

I played in my first 40k tournament on Saturday using the new 8th edition rules.  We were playing 1000 points with a maximum of two detachments.  I had to make some changes to my list after test playing my army.  What I found out during play testing is the units of Boyz needed to be larger to keep them on the table longer. This is the list I went with:

1 Ork Warboss in Mega Armour
3 Killa Kans
5 Lootas
1 Boss Zagstruck
8 Stormboyz
3 units of 18 Boyz

The tournament was packed and we started with over 30 players.  It was a 5 game tournament with the first game taking 90 minutes and the remaining 4 taking 75 minutes.  We were using the ITC rules pack and the tables were all set up the same.  The missions were out of the book and we rolled for deployment.

I ended up with a minor loss game 1, a tie game 2, a minor win game 3 and a minor loss game 4.  I could not stay and play the last game due to how late it was.  I will say my Orks performed amazingly and I put up a good fight on the table. 

The strength of the Ork army really comes form large units of Boys to get across the table and disrupt your opponent.  The best way to get them across the table is to take a Weirdboy and use the power that jumps them across the table.  I went with the Stormboyz because they move 12 inches, they can advance and charge with their special ability Full Throttle.  Yes using this rule might result in a few of the Stormboyz taking mortal wounds but that is why you take a few extras.  I made great use of my small unit of 8 but I need a few more.  While the Boyz and fighting I am slowly moving my Kans and Warboss across the table to clean up the rest.  That is basically how I played my army and it was fun. 

Moving forward I need to get the models in my 1000 point list painted while I continue to play the game.  My long term goal will be to have three units of 30 Boyz with a Nob Boss.  The next few months will be spent painting Boyz. 

I will say 8th Edition is fun to play and even thou we had a few tournament type players everyone seemed to be having fun.  I know I made a few mistakes while playing but I am sure we all did.  Until my next game I will be just painting Boyz.


Thor said...

Eesh. Five games is a lot for a single day, at least for something local, which I assume it was? We do three where I play, and that makes for a long day as it is.

I have to pick up the Index for my Orks. I haven't put my Orks on the table since the beginning of 7th and that horrible codex. Once I work out my CSM, Orks are next.

Greg Hess said...

Highly recommend a waaagh banner when you start running the bigger mobs. MASSIVE MASSIVE force multiplier. When boyz hit on 2+ in CC, it's insane.