Monday, July 31, 2017

Loud'n and Raging Kickstarter

Today I received a mysterious package from overseas.  It was part of my rewards from the Raging Heroes Kickstarter I backed in 2015.  These are amazingly detailed models cast is resin however the resin is brittle and breaks if you are not careful.  This partial shipment includes the Long Swords Regular with Command and Spear Women with Command. 

One of the challenges I have with miniature companies using Kickstarter for product is the constant delays with delivery.  This is one of two Kickstarters I am still waiting to close out, the other one is Robotech.  I backed this over two years ago and have moved on and now don't have any use for the models.  Even if I used them for the original game I purchased them for, I am still waiting for the rest of my rewards to complete the army.  I might consider using them for AoS as Dark Elves or something but not until I get the rest of my rewards.