Saturday, July 15, 2017

40K FAQ: "Within 1 inch"

I played 40K today and the more I play the game the more I learn.  For such a small rule set it is packed with a lot of details.  Now that we have the FAQ we are getting more clarification to the rules. 

What we can do now with this clarification is deny Over Watch shooting.  If we can end our movement 1 inch away from the enemy they can't Over Watch Shoot if you charge.  The rules for Over Watch Shooting state that you can't Over Watch Shoot when models are "Within 1 Inch". 

For friendly games I don't see this being a big issue.  If my opponent moves and can end around 1 inch away I will not get Over Watch Shooting.  In tournaments or competitive playing I can see this being a big issue.  I can see people saying they are over 1 inch or that they don't have the movement value to end within 1 inch.  I wonder if tournament organizers restricting this rule a bit more.  They might state that you must end your movement more then one inch away. 

This is an important rule for the game and will change the way I play.  It is going to add a new level of strategy to the game. 

Another good change to the game is the release of the Open War cards.  This is just a deck of cards used to randomly select your objective, deployment and twists.  Just a fun way to play the game using Power Rating and adding more ways to play.  Also includes Ruses and Sudden Death Victory cards.  The player with the lower Power Rating gets to draw a Ruse card.  These cards just give small bonuses and are not very exciting.  Now if the Power Rating is double the other player then the player will also draw a card from the Sudden Death Victory deck.  The Sudden Death Victory cards just give the weaker player a way to win the game by accomplishing a task like killing the warlord.  I have not played using the Power Rating but next weekend I will be giving it a try using these cards.  It might be a better way to play.      


Anonymous said...

You must take a second look at the movement rules, I think. It say so :
"Enemy Models:
All models in the same army are friendly
models. Models controlled by an
opposing player are enemy models. When
you move a model in the Movement
phase, it may not be moved within 1" of
any enemy models."

The Over Watch Shoot restriction really means is that you cannot shoot over watch to an enemy unit if already in combat with another enemy unit (with enemy models within 1",in other words)
I hope it helps. ;)

Dagreenskins said...

That helps a lot it is all in the details of the rules. I will have to bring it up to my gaming group so we can correct how we have been playing.

Robert Brightwell said...

Yeah, you need to look at the Enemy Models section of the Movement rules. It is pretty clear that you cannot move in the Movement phase to within 1" of enemy models. No way to stop Overwatch this way.

Dagreenskins said...

It is the way they wrote the FAQ. I can end my movement 1 inch away. If I am 1 inch away you don't get over watch shooting.

Robert Brightwell said...

Actually you cannot end your movement 1" away as the rule states " may not be move within 1" of any enemy models." The FAQ you quotes says that "within 1 inch" includes 1 inch. Therefor you must end your movement farther away than 1 inch.

Dagreenskins said...

If they wanted you to be further than 1 inch away they would have stated that like they did with other rules like Fall Back. Other rules clearly state you must be further away than a set distance. Includes one inch does not mean I have to be further away then one it, I can be exactly one inch away. It is a poorly written FAQ if they meant you have to be further than 1 inch away then that is how it should have been writen. You and I are not going to agree on this but I like how it changes game play.

Robert Brightwell said...

So the FAQ doesn't actually mean what it says? Seem pretty clear to me.

Dagreenskins said...

I had the same arguments when playing on Saturday. It was a big debate at the shop and this was the conclusion. I have not looked for anything to support this conclusion on forums or FB. These are the guys I play and this is how they are playing it. I get what you are saying and as a veteran gamer agree. I guess at the end of the day it is just a game and I am having fun playing it.

Robert Brightwell said...

As long as you are having fun it's all good. Just remember that people outside your group may have different ideas and all your 'experience' may not count for much when you play your next tournament.