Friday, May 12, 2017

Shadow War: Armageddon Tokens

When GW released Shadow War: Armageddon it sparked my interest in casting again.  I purchased a resin casting kit from Micro-Mark and decided to work on the tokens first.  I simple photocopied the tokens and cut the designs out on plastic card.  Then using some plastic 25mm tokens base a set to be cast in resin.

Pleased with my results I move forward creating my mold using an old cigar tin.

I did a few test casts and they turned out good.  I did get air bubbles however I think this will add to the tokens.

After casting a set of 10 tokens and cleaning them up I had some issues.  The thickness of the tokens were not the same, some thin other thick.  I was not happy and could easily glue them to a metal washer and call it good.  I decided to test a few different methods of casting the tokens.

First Method

I poured the resin in the mold and pressed the washer in.  My fist attempt did not work out so good however the second attempt was perfect. 

Second Method

My concern with this method is that the resin would peel off the washer and that they would not hold up over time.  My next test was taking a smaller washer and just using it to add some weight to the token.  I worked fine however created the same issue as above with the thin resin.

Third Method

My last method was just to set the washer on top of the mold after I poured the resin.  After I set the washer on the mold I topped off the washer with the resin.  This created a thicker layer of resin over the washer and let chances of it peeling off.  The only down side is making sure to line them up correctly.  


Of all the methods I tested I liked the third method the best.  I took a razor and tried to get the resin to come off and I couldn't.  So I moved forward and made me some tokens and painted up a set.  They look good painted up and will blend in on the table and much better then cardboard. 



Tom O said...

Those look good. Glad it worked out.