Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Painting Space Marine

I recently received a new Grex airbrush combo kit from a deal I worked out with a friend.  It is a great airbrush and the compressor is real quite so I can use it in the house. 

To celebrate my new airbrush and the upcoming release on 40K 8th edition I decided to paint up a Space Marine.  I also decided to paint my model using the Badger Ghost Tint just to learn how to use them in my airbrush.  The picture below shows the model after painting with three different shades of Ghost Tint. 

I painted the underside of the model using a purple, then a mid tone blue and a final highlight of Plasma Blue.  It really created a great look for the model and some natural highlighting.  After the paint dried and the model was dull coated I gave it a wash in black. 

I was real happy with the result and finished pulling out some details and called in finished. 

I will admit I got a bit carried away with the black wash on the shoulder pads and I could not go back and fix it so I added a decal.  Now when I get a hold of the new Space Marine models I will try a few more and maybe an army.  The Ghost Tints were easy to use and worked great in my new airbrush.  I will do another post in the future showing how I applied the tints but for now I just wanted to share this model.