Thursday, May 4, 2017

Lets Talk About Painting: Part 8

Zenithal Priming is all the rage these days with miniature painting.  This is not new it just seems to be more popular these days with more miniature painters using airbrushes.  I have been using a form of Zenithal Priming for years just never had a fancy name for it.  When I paint smaller scale model I prime them black and then dry brush them white.  For 28mm models I will prime white and then giving the model a black wash.  What happens is the paint will be brighter over the white and darker over the black creating tones without having to mix and blend colors.  Here is a great picture that illustrates Zenithal Priming that comes from Power Fisted and there is also great article I suggest reading. 

The challenges I have found with Zenithal Priming its not that forgiving.  Your paint has to be thinned down so you don't cover the white.  Once you get your base coats down and have created the tone you can't mess up painting the details.  It is really hard to match the tone that you have created and if you ever have to do touch ups the model it is even more challenging.  That is the down side of using Zenithal Priming. 

On the plus side of Zenithal Priming is the color tones created are amazing and can make for impressive models.  It does not have to be done with just an airbrush, it can also be done with rattle cans just takes more practice.   Just like anything in this hobby it just takes practice to learn how to use this technique and master this skill.