Saturday, May 20, 2017

Custodian Guard Squad

I finished my first unit of Custodians for my new army and must say they were fun to paint.  I picked these models up in a trade and they were already primed gold, GW Retributor Gold.  I followed up the gold with a Reikland Fleshshade and some dry brushing, Vallajo Bronze, Brass.  I finished the model with a dry brush of P3 Radiant Platinum to give the metal a worn look.  I then picked out some of the details and called the models finished. 

The base is done using the GW Agrellan Earth with some brown washes and dry brushing.  This is a great product that I have used before and gives the base some texture.  I don't prep the base before using this stuff, the thicker you put it on the larger the cracks will be in the base.  I just lather the product on and let science that it course.  

I am not going to work on any more of these until the new rules come out for 40K.  I am not sure if the Custodians will be their own force or used in another way.  I am also not sure how the 30K tie in will with the new rules.  I have heard different rumors and will just wait till the rules come out so I can know for sure.  I have other projects to keep me busy till then.