Sunday, May 28, 2017

Birthday, Phoenix Comicon and a Warhammer Store

This weekend was busy for me and all fun stuff.  My weekend started off on Thursday and I turned 47.  The day started off with my brother sending me a picture of use when we were in High School.  The bug was are sitting on was my first car and I wreck it and never really got it back on the road.  It was just a great trip down memory lane.

I really didn't do a lot during the day but my wife and I got a chance to go see Guardians of the Galaxy 2, it was a good movie.  After the movie we went to Long Horn Steak House for dinner and drinks.  It was a great birthday.

On Friday and Saturday we spent the weekend at Phoenix Comicon.  I have mixed reviews about the event because of what happened on Thursday.  Some guy took weapons to the event and wanted to kill a actor and cops.  In response to that the City of Phoenix and event organizer had to take quick actions to ensure the safety of everyone.  They had to add check in security and no weapons, including foam swords, could be taken in.  The problem is with the venue, the Phoenix Convention Center was not designed for high security.  They have a lot of enter and exit points and if someone really wants to get a weapon inside they could.  The event organizers are also going to have to make decisions on what vendors are invited back next year.  The vendors selling real swords and weapons and only wrapping them in a cardboard box does not seem secure to me.  From what I heard, they kicked one vendor out because they refused to wrap up their plastic lightsaber.  I understand the over reaction taken and just hope it is all worked out by next year.

My wife and I still enjoyed the event and the best moment was when my wife meet her favorite author, Diana Gabaldon.  We were just standing by the door to the room she was going to be speaking and she walked up.  The room was not available yet and she was standing around waiting with us so.  I asked if she wouldn't mind taking a photo and agreed.  She was very nice and my wife was so excited to meet her. 

On Saturday after we left Phoenix Comicon we headed over to Goodyear to take part in the Warhammer Stores grand opening.  This new store is just 9 miles from my house and they have a few table for playing games.  I am sure I will be checking out the store from time to time but not really designed to host games on a regular basis. I did pick up the Space Marine Terminator Captain collector model that they were selling.  It will be a nice addition to my new Space Marine army I will be starting one day in the far future. 

On Sunday, today, I got to hang out at the game store and play K47 with my buddy Jeff.  We played two games and had a blast.  We don't get to play that much and when we do it is always fun.  What we both like about the game is how one player could be losing and then get a few of their diced pulled and swing the game to their favor.  It is just a fun game to play and I hope the rules don't get revamped like they did with Bolt Action.  I should be getting a few new units for my Russian army in the next few weeks to round out my force. 

It was a great birthday weekend filled with all kinds of geeky adventures and fun. 


Jason Meyers said...

Good Stuff and Happy Birthday!