Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Hobby Update

After coming back from Adepticon I was all pumped up to get some hobby projects done.  The first thing I did was picked up all my new models from my local store for Test of Honour.   I am a fan of Warlord games and this game has me excited to paint up some Samurai. 

I went on a building rampage to get a small force put together so we could so we could start pushing it around on the table.  My first game was fun and the rules remind me a lot of AoS, simple and straight forward encouraging players to create house rules.  The demos I played at Adepticon and the videos don't really showcase this game.  The ability and injury cards add so much more to the game.  The cards create a campaign element because they stay with your samurai.  Once we get a few more players and some models painted we will start a map campaign like Risk taking over territories throughout Japan. 

While I was at Adepticon I picked up a 4ground building just for this game.  I really like the 4ground product and this was a simple kit to assemble.  Just like most 4ground kits the instructions are not always that clear and some mistakes happened.  I was able to fix most of my mistakes and the few that I didn't will not be noticed once on the table.  I will be picking up a few more so I can put together a nice table to play the game. 

I also finished a my unit of Ursus Infantry for K47.  I am still working on this army just not getting it on the table as much these days.  Warlord has slowed down with new releases for this game and I hope once Test for Honour has been out for a few months they will get some more releases out for K47.   

My rules for Aerodrome 2.0 showed up last week and I am excited to get this game on the table.  I decided to use 1/72 scale aircraft so that the game will stand out on the table.  I already started assembling a Corsair I had from another project and will be using my airbrush to get it painted.  This will be a long term project painting up all the planes that I need.       

Also this weekend GW is releasing Shadow War: Armageddon which will be another distraction for me.  The good thing about this release is I don't need to paint anything to play it.  I already have enough Ork models painted so it will just be learning the rules.  I do know that I will be building and painting the terrain for the local store because it is just great looking terrain.

Lots going on and more planned for the rest of the year, stay tuned.