Friday, April 21, 2017

Aerodrome 2.0

I have made some progress on Aerodrome 2.0 and started building some planes.  I decided it would be best to use 1/72 scale planes because of the availability of these models.  This scale also offers a lot of decal options and someone could create a historical squadron if they wanted to.  I built the Corsair and it was a rather simple kit.  It is an Academy kit and has a fair amount of detail.  I had to remove some of the smaller detail pieces because this is a gaming model and these small details will get broken off.  I also fogged the clear plastic because I didn't want to paint the cockpit. 

I also started work on a Zero which is a Tamiya kit and it has a lot of detail.  I am not adding a lot of the detail pieces again and I don't think anyone will notice.  Once I get this model done I will be able to start playing the game.  You will notice that the plane is resting a some square tubing, that will be the way the altitude is adjusted.  We will just add another section of tubing to adjust the altitude and this will keep the planes for spinning when being moved.