Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Aerodrome 2.0 update

I finished my second plane for Aerodrome 2.0.  I has some issues with the decals on this Zero.  A few of the decals broke apart while finishing the model.  It was frustrating and I was able to fix most of the damage.  I had to paint over the yellow in the tail and it went on a bit thick.  I am not trying to create display models so it will work as a gaming piece for now. 

 I also started cutting up some MDF to be used as bases.  This is 3/4 inch MDF so it will be heavy enough to support the planes while at high elevation.  Next I need to buy some square tubing to put in the round holes.  I made 10 bases for now I might cut some more this weekend just to have extras on hand. 

I am also working on a trade with a local gamer.  He has a collection of 1/72 planes so we are going to work out a trade for my Xwing stuff I don't play anymore.  With this trade I will be able to get my American Pacific force done and a good start on some German planes.  I will be hunting down some more Zero's to finish a Pacific collection and get this game on the table.  I still have a lot of work to do but it is exciting working on a project like this.