Tuesday, April 25, 2017

40K 8th Edition

Social Media and the Internet are buzzing with all the news about 40K 8th edition coming out.  It seems GW is just killing it right now and really becoming the gaming company they once were.  To add to the new rules coming I guess GW is opening a store closer to my home so they must be anticipating increased sales in my local area.  I don't know what woke this sleeping dragon but it has turned my hobby life upside down and spun it around.

I was bitten by the GW bug again and will be jumping on the 8th edition band wagon.  We still have some time till the new rules come out so I decided to start working on my Custodian army.  This army caught my interest when they were released but I just let it pass.  Then I had a friend offer to trade his small force with me and I couldn't resist.   Below is a picture of what I received in the trade.

So while at Adepticon I picked up a few more things for my new army.  This is the first time I really purchased any Forge World models and they are amazing.

What I like about the Custodian army is it can be used for 30K or 40K and will really push me to learn how to paint metallic colors.  Early this week I decided to paint up one of the models.  My buddy had already primed them using the GW gold, which cost about the same as real gold.  I just gave the model a wash with Reikland Fleshshade, highlighted with some P3 Radiant Platinum and pulled out some details.  It only took me a few hours to finish the model and it turned out pretty good.

Then for the base I used the GW Agrellan Badland Texture, one it dried gave is a wash and some dry brushing.  Added some static grass and called if done. 

I am happy with my results so I will be finishing the rest of the models the same way.  Now lets just hope the new rules don't suck and maybe I will pull out my Orc collection and get that finished. 


Dean Vuckovich said...

I'm hanging onto my Black Templars just in case :)

Robert Brightwell said...

I still have Dark Angles, Deathwing, Space Marines, Orks and IG all in multiple 1000s of points already painted and many more models waiting. I hope the rules are good as I am ready to get in some games. I will not, however, be spending $80+ on a rulebook.

Dagreenskins said...

If AOS is any indication of book prices we are good.