Tuesday, April 25, 2017

40K 8th Edition

Social Media and the Internet are buzzing with all the news about 40K 8th edition coming out.  It seems GW is just killing it right now and really becoming the gaming company they once were.  To add to the new rules coming I guess GW is opening a store closer to my home so they must be anticipating increased sales in my local area.  I don't know what woke this sleeping dragon but it has turned my hobby life upside down and spun it around.

I was bitten by the GW bug again and will be jumping on the 8th edition band wagon.  We still have some time till the new rules come out so I decided to start working on my Custodian army.  This army caught my interest when they were released but I just let it pass.  Then I had a friend offer to trade his small force with me and I couldn't resist.   Below is a picture of what I received in the trade.

So while at Adepticon I picked up a few more things for my new army.  This is the first time I really purchased any Forge World models and they are amazing.

What I like about the Custodian army is it can be used for 30K or 40K and will really push me to learn how to paint metallic colors.  Early this week I decided to paint up one of the models.  My buddy had already primed them using the GW gold, which cost about the same as real gold.  I just gave the model a wash with Reikland Fleshshade, highlighted with some P3 Radiant Platinum and pulled out some details.  It only took me a few hours to finish the model and it turned out pretty good.

Then for the base I used the GW Agrellan Badland Texture, one it dried gave is a wash and some dry brushing.  Added some static grass and called if done. 

I am happy with my results so I will be finishing the rest of the models the same way.  Now lets just hope the new rules don't suck and maybe I will pull out my Orc collection and get that finished. 

Aerodrome 2.0 update

I finished my second plane for Aerodrome 2.0.  I has some issues with the decals on this Zero.  A few of the decals broke apart while finishing the model.  It was frustrating and I was able to fix most of the damage.  I had to paint over the yellow in the tail and it went on a bit thick.  I am not trying to create display models so it will work as a gaming piece for now. 

 I also started cutting up some MDF to be used as bases.  This is 3/4 inch MDF so it will be heavy enough to support the planes while at high elevation.  Next I need to buy some square tubing to put in the round holes.  I made 10 bases for now I might cut some more this weekend just to have extras on hand. 

I am also working on a trade with a local gamer.  He has a collection of 1/72 planes so we are going to work out a trade for my Xwing stuff I don't play anymore.  With this trade I will be able to get my American Pacific force done and a good start on some German planes.  I will be hunting down some more Zero's to finish a Pacific collection and get this game on the table.  I still have a lot of work to do but it is exciting working on a project like this. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Shadow War: Armageddon

Another big release from GW has caused more distractions in my hobby progress.  Shadow War: Armageddon is a re-branding of Necrmunda.  The first release is a starter box with the rules, two forces and tons of terrain.  I picked up two copies of the starter box so I could have more terrain that I don't have a place to store.  What is good about this terrain is it is modular and it can be taken apart and stored in a small container so I should be able to find a place to store it.  Another thing to point out is all the pieces go together great because GW has added indicators notches so we are not just gluing two flat spots together.  I must say this is some of the best terrain GW has put out. 

I also did some chopping on this crab looking thing and freed it from its chains.  Now it can be a moving piece of terrain.

This release has gotten me excited to start building more terrain.  I purchased a resin casting kit form Micro-Mark and will cast up some of the floor pieces to expand my collection.  My though is to put a few of these floor pieces together to create a base for the rest of terrain to be set on.  I don't know exactly what I will be doing but I will keep you posted. 


Aerodrome 2.0

I have made some progress on Aerodrome 2.0 and started building some planes.  I decided it would be best to use 1/72 scale planes because of the availability of these models.  This scale also offers a lot of decal options and someone could create a historical squadron if they wanted to.  I built the Corsair and it was a rather simple kit.  It is an Academy kit and has a fair amount of detail.  I had to remove some of the smaller detail pieces because this is a gaming model and these small details will get broken off.  I also fogged the clear plastic because I didn't want to paint the cockpit. 

I also started work on a Zero which is a Tamiya kit and it has a lot of detail.  I am not adding a lot of the detail pieces again and I don't think anyone will notice.  Once I get this model done I will be able to start playing the game.  You will notice that the plane is resting a some square tubing, that will be the way the altitude is adjusted.  We will just add another section of tubing to adjust the altitude and this will keep the planes for spinning when being moved.


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Hobby Update

After coming back from Adepticon I was all pumped up to get some hobby projects done.  The first thing I did was picked up all my new models from my local store for Test of Honour.   I am a fan of Warlord games and this game has me excited to paint up some Samurai. 

I went on a building rampage to get a small force put together so we could so we could start pushing it around on the table.  My first game was fun and the rules remind me a lot of AoS, simple and straight forward encouraging players to create house rules.  The demos I played at Adepticon and the videos don't really showcase this game.  The ability and injury cards add so much more to the game.  The cards create a campaign element because they stay with your samurai.  Once we get a few more players and some models painted we will start a map campaign like Risk taking over territories throughout Japan. 

While I was at Adepticon I picked up a 4ground building just for this game.  I really like the 4ground product and this was a simple kit to assemble.  Just like most 4ground kits the instructions are not always that clear and some mistakes happened.  I was able to fix most of my mistakes and the few that I didn't will not be noticed once on the table.  I will be picking up a few more so I can put together a nice table to play the game. 

I also finished a my unit of Ursus Infantry for K47.  I am still working on this army just not getting it on the table as much these days.  Warlord has slowed down with new releases for this game and I hope once Test for Honour has been out for a few months they will get some more releases out for K47.   

My rules for Aerodrome 2.0 showed up last week and I am excited to get this game on the table.  I decided to use 1/72 scale aircraft so that the game will stand out on the table.  I already started assembling a Corsair I had from another project and will be using my airbrush to get it painted.  This will be a long term project painting up all the planes that I need.       

Also this weekend GW is releasing Shadow War: Armageddon which will be another distraction for me.  The good thing about this release is I don't need to paint anything to play it.  I already have enough Ork models painted so it will just be learning the rules.  I do know that I will be building and painting the terrain for the local store because it is just great looking terrain.

Lots going on and more planned for the rest of the year, stay tuned.   

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Adepticon 2017: Final Thoughts

I feel I have covered my experience to Adepticon 2017 well over the past few posts.  I am still going to talk more about my last painting class however I need to set aside a few hours to write that post.  It is the wet blending class with Aaron Lovejoy and he covered a lot of information is a small period of time.  I will attempt to get it done this week just not sure when.

For this post I am just going to share my thoughts about the event and my experiences.  If you can't already tell I had a great time at the Adpeticon and will be attending again in the future.  This was the 15th  year and the organizer really have it down.  I am sure behind closed doors they had some issue but for a first timer it appeared well run and organized.  There were enough activities to keep people entertained playing games or taking classes all day long.  I am glad that I did not sign up for any of the tournaments and just enjoyed the atmosphere.  Like I said going into this, I just wanted to hang out, geek out and get my drink on and that is what I did.  My wife was with me during the event and she really enjoyed what the hotel had to offer.  She was able to work out and just have a relaxing time by herself and than we got together in the evenings for dinner.  The trip was just a great time for both of us to get away from our daily lives.  

The vendor hall was very impressive and the vendors went all out with their set ups.  They had nice demo tables and displays to lure people like me right in.  I played a lot of demo games to see what is out on the market.  It was just a lot of fun to play different games, look at the amazing models and demo boards.  I purchased a lot of stuff and most of my money was spent with Forge World for my next project.   All of the vendors just did an amazing job promoting their products and the hobby.

What really made the event were all of the other attendees.  Being around so many other like minded people added to the atmosphere.  It was easy to start a conversation with people and just talk about gaming.  I didn't have any negative experiences with anyone and made new friends.  The best part was finally meeting the people I talk to on Twitter.  I got to hang out with a few and say Hi to a lot more.  Now we can say we know each other and not just followers on Twitter. 

Being the realist that I am, if I went to Adepticon every year all the excitement would ware off seeing all the cool stuff.  When we go back again I will sign up for a one day event or schedule some time to play with other friends.  For my first time attending, just taking a few classes each day gave me more than enough time to enjoy everything that was going on.  I didn't miss anything that I wanted to see or do and really just had a great time. 

I was able to check off another box from the bingo card, "Paint a model not in your usual spot".  I think painting at Adepticon counts for this.