Monday, March 27, 2017

Adpeticon 2017: I'm Home and It was GREAT

We returned home last night from Adepticon and are spending the day getting back to our regular lives.  We had a great time, to be honest I was like a kid in the candy store for the fist time.  I was in a daze all day on Thursday seeing all the vendors, games being played and all the wonderful people.  This is what I needed to get me excited about gaming again.  I saw games being played that I have not seen being played in years like Man O' War and Confrontation.  I am so happy that I didn't plan any games for my first visit to Adepticon and only took a few classes each day.  I really had a chance to hang out with people I only knew from social media and look at all the cool gaming taking place.  If I end up going back out in 2018 I will take part with some of the one day games or tournaments.

Instead of doing a large photo dump of everything I will be doing a few different posts going over the event.  Sometimes pictures without content are just pictures and nothing more.

This post is going to be about all the cool stuff that was in the swag bag and I purchased.  I did go a bit over the top buying stuff but it was mostly Forge World for me and friends.  This post will just cover the stuff that is for my collection or my hording.

I will start with an overall shot of the stuff we brought home from Adepticon.  You will also have to keep in mind that my wife and I both had VIG badges so we received a lot of duplicate products. 

Let me break this pile of goodness down and start with the cool Adepticon specific swag and pins, I like pins. The two 40K pins I purchased from the Forge World booth and the challenge coins were purchased from the event. 

 Other items that I purchased that were made for the event.  The Games and Gears put the black brushes in the swag bag and I purchased the cool travel brushes.  I will be talking more about the brushes when I post about the classes I attended.  The Adepticon dice are from last years event but they were blowing them out, two sets for $10 so yes I purchased some. 

Carry cases were part of the swag back.  We got one from GW and the others were from Active Minds Games.  This came in real handy bringing everything back home.   I am not a big fan of the carry cases from any company however if I will need them if I go again next year. 

Lets now look at all the miniatures that I either purchased or were part of the VIG swag bag.  I made it a point during the event to visit all the booths and if they provided something in the swag bag I either demoed their game or purchased something form their booth.  To me it is important to support the companies that support the hobby.

I also purchased some stuff from Forge World and it chewed up a bit of my budget.  I will be breaking down these purchases down more in a future post.


Other rule books that either I purchased or came in the VIG swag bag.  The Hordes rule book is the full version and looks amazing.  I had two copies but gave one to a friend of mine to lighten my load back home.  The Warlord rule books are the mini version and the Saga rule book was a purchase.  The Frostgrave book was purchased the other stuff were part of the swag bag or at the booth.

I also received a lot of new paints.  I took the Ghost Tint class and received all the colors along with an airbrush cleaning kit.  I also received some Reaper paints to try out. 

I picked up All Out War from Mantic Games.  It came with the event exclusive miniatures Lee and Clementine.  I spent some time reading the rules and it is like another popular zombie game but more of a miniature game instead of a board game.  The miniatures look amazing and might get painted one day.

We received a variety of bases from different companies and it was cool to add these to my collection and practice some of my new painting skills to them.

Can't go to a con and not pick up game aids.  This was all part of the VIG swag bag except the blood drop tokens, those were purchased for Test of Honour that I will get getting tomorrow.

I also picked up a 4ground building for Test of Honour and some stencils to use on my USA K47 army.

I also picked up some new files from Games and Gears.  I wanted some new files for my Forge World models. 

The last thing I will share is a D6.  Shapeway was at the event and they were giving these metal D6 dice away to people.  This is so cool and I must have rolled it a 100 times just digging it.

So this covers just about everything I picked up over the weekend.  I know I am missing some Blood Bowl stuff I picked up from Impact Miniatures or from the flee market.  My next post will cover the cool Starship Trooper game that I played and another game I fell in lover with while at Adetpticon.



Greg Hess said...

Was great to finally meet you Mike! What an awesome time!

Dagreenskins said...

It was also great meeting you and hanging out. Next year we should plan a game or drinking or both

Dean Vuckovich said...

Mike, it was really good to see you again, and my son really APPRECIATES the Hordes book :)
Hope you do come out again next year.