Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Adepticon 2017

So I will be leaving in a few days to hangout, geek out and get my drink on at Adepticon 2017.  When I originally made the decision to attend Adepticon I was really only playing Warlord games with a few friends.  Time changes all things and I am now looking at GW more these days.  With all the success of Blood Bowl and now GW recently announced the release of Shadow War Armageddon.  They are not calling it Necromunda but from what I have been told by people that have played it already, it is Necromunda.  It seems that GW decided to use the 40K range models for the game and have made some new amazing terrain.  I hope they have this game on display so I can see it for myself and maybe get a change to demo it.  I will be picking this game up when it is released which is going to be in April. 

It also appears that GW is releasing 8th Edition 40K to include 30K.  The two games will be played differently, 40K will be more of a skirmish game and 30K will be large scale combat.  So if these changes take place I will be pulling out my Orks and getting them back on the table.  I will be spending time at the Forge World booth at Adepticon and maybe the start of a 30K army.

GW is also floating rumors around the web about a new version of EPIC coming out later this year.  What they are sharing right now is it will be Titans and tanks battling it out on the table.  I hope they will add infantry and other ground troops to the game.  If this happens I will become a GW fan boy again.

I still will be playing Warlord Games and when I return from Adetipcon I will be picking up my Test of Honor order from the local game store.   This is not a historical game and is more of a beer and pretzel game.  The rules are simple and is just an excuse for meq to paint up Samurais.  I know that Warlord will be demoing the game at Adepticon and I will give it a try if time permits.       

I will be also taking part in a group game of Blood and Plunder from Firelock games.  This is another game that my local store will be stocking and I will most likely start playing it.   

I am just scratching the surface of all the new games that will be at Adepticon and can't wait to see more.  It is just hard with all the cool games coming out and I only have a limited amount of time to play.  I will be posting pictures on Twitter and when I return home I will update my blog page.