Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Adepticon 2017: Random Photos

This post is just going to be random photos of tables, models and products.  I did not take a lot of photos just random shots of stuff I liked. 

Cool 40K stuff.


One of the cool events that was taking place was Adeptus Titanicus using Forge World models.  It was just amazing to watch however not very action packed.  As you can see these are large models and it takes time to move them around the board .  It was cool to watch and the people playing were just having a good time.  

Other cool GW stuff

The famous Space Hulk Board

AoS being played on boats

Speaking of boats, Man O' War was being played

I missed the Warmaster game but people are still playing it

Reaper had some cool stuff at their booth.  The big gun was from a KS and was not available for purchase.  

I spent some time at the Warlord booth playing Test of Honour and looking at their new releases.

Trenchworz is a company I have never heard of before the event.  They are producing some amazing resin kits for WW2 and they look amazing.  

There was a Batman event taking place and this table just looked amazing even without paint. 

One of my favorite games was being played and event had a small event taking place, Confrontation.

A very impressive board for the Warmachine event, why can't more people play on board like this.

 My next Saga army

This company has some great terrain and I forget who they are.

This is a Robotech board using 4ground terrain, just stunning.

This is one of the demo board for Infinity.

This is a Wraith of Kings army from CMON that reminded me of Confrontation.

This board is made up of toys and large scale walker and look just too cool.  I didn't catch the name of the rules they are using but they are using Robotech model kits. 

And I will leave you with just this cool display at the Wyrd booth.