Friday, March 31, 2017

Adepticon 2017: Painting Better and Faster

This class was not what I thought it was going to be.  I was looking for help learning how to paint faster and this was more about short cuts to blending and glazing.  It was still a fun class and I did learn about glazing.

Painters talk about GLAZING their models however I never understood what they meant by it.  Well let me give you a brief understanding.  Glazing is really controlled washing and pushing the pigments towards the end result.  The key to glazing is watering down your paints to a wash consistency.

This is a picture of the instructors wet pallet and he is working with the paints in the corner of the pallet.  It looks like water droplets and he also mixed the blue on the pallet by dragging the white across the pallet.  This created all the tones he needed for the model in one action.

The concept is to start in the middle of the two colors you are working with and then push the colors away from each other.  The paint is so thin that you are pushing the pigment away from the starting point and depositing where you stop.

This is what I did during class and it turned out good.  I drew my paint out like the instructor did and had my three shades.  My paint was not as thinned down as the instructors but it was thinned down more then I normally use.  Everything started in the middle of the ridges on the coat.  The base was pushed down into the recesses.  The middle tone I started closer to the recesses and pushed up and the highlight started just below the ridges of the coat and finish the glazing.  The end result was a nice smooth transition between the three colors and it did not take that long.  It is a short cut to glazing and is something I might use on some models.  I feel this is something to be used on larger models with more flat surfaces but on an infantry models.  I prefer wet blending on smaller models and will be talking more about that in my last post.  The last picture shows the model in better light and you can see the glazing a bit better.