Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Adepticon 2017: Hirst Art Class

While at Adepticon I took 4 classes and each offered new information and will help me with my hobby.  The Hirst Arts class was fun and we got a chance to make stuff during the class.  I have been using Hirst Arts Molds for years and have always liked them.  I took the class just for the joy of using their products.

The class was set up so we could use the molds and then build stuff that was already made while our casting dried.  I use Excalibur and the dry time is fast, during class we used Hydrocal and it takes longer to dry.  So here are some pictures of my castings and the stuff I made.

What I like about Hirst Arts is the fact it is like Lego's for hobbyists.  I made some line of sight blockers with the large tube mold.  In class I didn't really learn anything new about using the molds however I did learn something new.  The instructor made some amazing buildings combining GW plastic pieces along with different blocks.  He even made an EPIC building just using the flat blocks.  Really creative stuff and got me excited to start making more terrain.