Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Adepticon 2017: Games Played

This was my first year attending Adepticon and I didn't take part in any of the tournaments that were offered.  I did sign up for an organized game of Starship Trooper and had a blast.  This is one of those games I missed out on back in the day and had always wanted to try it.  The father and son team that hosted the event ran hordes of bugs while the 8 participants ran small squads of infantry with one walker.  The rules were modified slightly so we could all have a good time and shout out movie quotes.  Our operation objective was to retrieve the data form a prob that was on this planet.  It was a clean planet and no bugs had been detected.  Well when we showed up the bugs started attacking us and things did not turn out so good for mobile infantry.

This is for all you new people. I have only one rule. Everybody fights, no one quits. If you don't do your job, I'll kill you myself! Welcome to the Roughnecks!

Another game that I just fell in love with while at Adepticon is Aerodrome 2.0.  My wife and I were heading to the hall to watch the D6 Generation hosts play Blood and Plunder.  There were two guys walking next to use and they mentioned Blue Max.  Me being my usually self butted into their conversation and said, "Blue Max is AWESOME".  We talked the rest of the way to the hall and then parted ways.  When we got to the Blood and Plunder table it was packed and there was no way we were going to be able to join the game.  We wandered around the hall and guess what we found, Aerodrome.  As soon as I saw the board for this game I fell in love, just a great presentation for a WW2 airplane combat game.  The planes were pre-painted and mounted on antennas to track the elevation.   The game is played just like Blue Max or Wing of Glory, plan out your next three moves and then move.  Some moves allow you to move up or down in elevation while other moves force you to adjust your elevation.  You track your ammo using empty 22 cartridge shells, just awesome, and pegs for your moves and elevation.  Just like any of these games with blind movement, sometimes we were just flying around the table.  The one part of the game that was hard to adjust to was shooting.  In this game when we plotted our moves we also had to plot out if we were going to shoot or not.  If you plotted that you were going to shot and did not have a shot that turn you lost your ammo.  It made the game harder to play and when we ran out of ammo we had to leave the board.  So it was a great way to combine ammo and fuel into one tracking system on our dash boards.  The other part of the game that is cool is the fact that it is played on a hex map.  This means we can play with any scale plane as long as the hex base you are using supports the model.  I will most likely start off collecting Wings of Glory planes or the metal die cast planes for this game.  They also have a version of this game for WW1 however I already play Blue Max and the games are very similar.  So I ordered the rules and should have them in a few weeks and will most likely order the wooden dash boards just not sure how many I will want.  This was just a great game and I had a lot of fun playing it.


These type of participation games are really what I enjoy.  I set out a few years ago to create a few of these games with Blue Max and Thunder Alley and even ran Thunder Alley at a convention.  I am going to add Aerodrome to my collection and on the fence about Starship Troopers mainly because the cost of the models, OOP means a lot of cash.  If I can find a collection of Starship Troopers at a good price I will jump on it and get that game on the table.  Take part in these games has really got me excited about Con-games again and running them at my local game store.