Thursday, March 30, 2017

Adepticon 2017: Badger Ghost Tint Class

This was a great class about Ghost Tints from Badger.  I am not sure if this a product of Badger or being distributed by Badger.  The name on the bottle is Minitaire and they have a range of acrylic paints.  

The Ghost Tint line has 12 different shades of tints.  Tints are different than paint, they are translucent so the base color show through.  The other thing about these tints is they re-hydrate, if you layer the tints they will mix or blend due to the re-hydration.  The re-hydration can also be caused by sweat so touching the model can be an issue.  So it is really important after you paint the model it is clear coated, it is best to use a dull coat because the product goes on glossy.

The class was taught using an airbrush and the tints go on best this way.  The sample model was primed black and we did zenith highlighting on the edges in white.  I started with a dark red as my base color over the black.  I went back through and applied the zenith highlights to the wings and face.  I used the Plasma Fluid on the highlights and then applied a the Yellow.  It all turned Green.  I did the same thing on the chest but with Yellow and Reds creating Orange.

The first two photos are from the class room and the lighting was not that good.  The second two photos are from my home and the lighting was better.  

The magic of this product is the re-hydration and the layering of the colors to create different shades or colors.  It is also good just as a single color over a good base coat with highlights but blending the colors is fun.  You can even use other types of base coats like metallic and grays to create different shades.

The best way to describe this paint is the candy apple paint they use on custom cars.  The laying down of a metal flake paint and going over it with a tint paint.  It just creates a very bright color while using the base to enhance the tint.  

We were given all the colors to take home with us plus an airbrush cleaning kit, well worth the $20 cost of the class.  I went in the class knowing very little about the paint and now you know as much as I do.  What I will need to do next is just spend some time playing with the paints and mixing the colors to figure out what works best together.  With the limited color line you can't mix too many colors but with good base coats who knows what we can create.  The down side to this paint is the re-hydration.  If you make a mistake you can't just go back over it.  You either stripe the model back down or put a clear coat over the paint and start all over again.  It is not a paint for beginners and will require practice before working on my Forge World models.  It is just another tool in the tool box to help us with our hobby.

I will repeat, the paint does re-hydrate so it needs to be shot with a clear coat even before adding paint with a brush. 


J.Mike said...

this is a re-launch of Badger's Minitaire paint line. their initial line flamed out pretty badly, except for the ghost tints which were reasonably well received.