Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Painting Competition

My local friendly game store is starting a monthly painting competition.  The goal is to push painters to try new painting styles and models.  The first model is a Chibi and I will have to say it was a challenge for me to paint.  It has a lot of flat surfaces and is larger then a 28mm model.  I really pushed myself to blend my paints instead of just doing a dry brush.  I also messed around with the metallic paints.  I mixed my brass with silver to create a brighter color as a highlight for the chest and helmet.  The flesh was done with a base coat and washed with an ink.  I also tried my hand at a lava style base and will need to work on it some more in the future.  I am really happy with the model I painted and can't to see how I place in the competition.  Over 70 people purchased models for the competition and I am sure there will be some amazing models entered.