Monday, February 27, 2017

Lets Talk About Painting: Part 7

My local game store is hosting monthly painting challenges for the customers.  The goal is to push the local painters to work with different models and paint different ways.  I keep calling it a competition but it is a challenge.  You might have seen my entry for February, it was a Chibi model and really pushed my painting skills.  Well this month we have been presented with a Reaper miniature which is more in my wheel house.  The challenge is I can only use 8 colors of paint and they can be mixes and thinned but only 8 colors.  I decided to take this challenge a bit further and use all my new Liquitex paints I picked up from the local craft store.  The colors I am going with are listed below.  

Flesh Ink

One of the new skills I am going to have to learn is using a wet pallet.  Since I will be mixing paints I will need to keep them active longer.  One of my favorite painters recently posted a video on how to make a wet pallet that I just followed his instructions. 

I am using a cigar tin for my wet pallet because I had one just sitting around.  It is a solid bottom so the water will not leak out. 

I played around with this last night and it does keep my paints active longer.  I will need to learn how to thin my paints while using the wet pallet.  The moisture on the pallet already thins the paints some so I just need to add less water.

I covered the wet pallet when I was done and checked it out this evening when I got home form work.  The paints did separate some but still usable. 

I was pleasantly surprise how much I liked using the wet pallet however it is some work getting it all set up.  I do feel the extra effort setting up the wet pallet will pay off in the long run.  I will be using it for this months painting challenge and if it helps with my painting I will continue to use it. 

I will also be making my own washes since it is consider a paint.  I have made washes before and learned a lot watching Mel at The Terrain Tutor.  With everything set up it will be time to paint up this months model. 


Greg Hess said...

Wet palettes are amazing! Really help you maximize your moneys worth, as you aren't rushing to finish before the paint dries!