Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Lets Talk About Painting: Part 6

Something I have always done was write down the colors of paints I used when painting armies.  I have found it helpful in case I had to touch up a model or add a new model to an existing army, I could better match the model to the army.  I have done this in the past by using 3x5 cards just kept in a box on a shelf.

What I do is just write down some notes while I am painting the models on the 3X5 card.  Nothing earth shattering with this.  I might change some colors after painting a few models and I would just edit my notes.  Once I decided on my colors I would just rewrite my notes to a final version and call it good. 

Last year I took my note keeping to the next level.  I picked up a water color note pad so I could actually show the color I was using.  I wanted that color reference in case the paint color names change or I have to use a different brand.   

I also started creating 3X5 cards for paint colors.  I was doing this to catalog my paints and I could just refer to my cards to see the different colors.  I found it helpful cut limited being on a 3X5 card.

Today I went out and purchased a water color note book so I can catalog my paints better and even some of my paint recipes and techniques.  This is important to me because I use so many different brands of paint and have so many different shades of the same colors.  This month I have really been working with Red and this is my collection of Red paints and Inks.

My goal is first and for most go through my paints and make sure they are still good and catalog them in my new journal.  I should be able to practice some on my new techniques on the water color paper it is designed for painting and I have not had any issues with my other waster color note pad.  Then I will keep all the different brands together in one storage box so when I am looking for Red I go to one place and have all my paints.  I can also just flip to that page on my journal and I can see the differ colors better and read my notes on how I have used them.  I feel this is going to be very helpful for me as I move forward developing my painting skills. 


Dean Vuckovich said...

The watercolor idea is nice, but I'm always looking for my ways to get better use out of my iPad.
So similiar to your index cards, I just write it all dwn using Microsoft One Note or Excel.
I document what the color is for (Jacket), then the color, brand of paint, and the number on the bottle.
Yes if I was using GW paints, I'd be screwed since they always change their colors, but I stick to Valejo for Bolt Action and P3 for Warmachine/Hordes.

It comes in handy, especially for me. Since I go through phases of games (with long layoffs), it's beneficial to look back to see what I used.
Perfect example is Bolt Action. Was about 2.5 years since I played/painted then just got back into it. Glad I had my spreadsheet for that.

With One Note, I could do something similiar with your watercolor pad. I could take a photo of the mix I used and then upload it into One Note, though we all know computer screen colors are different, but it may be close (especially if I lose the watercolor pad).

Dagreenskins said...

Dean could you take a picture of the finished model and add it to you note on your iPad?

Dean Vuckovich said...

Yes with "One Note" you could just about embed anything. I created a section for thd Cons I attend and include s picture of my paid receipt (in case i lose the email)

One Note is free to use and if you hsve a one drive acoount its all shated in the cloud. So i can open one note on my desktop and my notes are there.

Dean Vuckovich said...

I sent you a DM on Twitter with some screen shots from my phone.