Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Last year I played some Frostgrave with some friends and enjoyed the game.  I don't get to game with this group of friends on a regular basis and we only play once a quarter.  We are going to play another game this weekend and I painted up a few models for my war band.  My war band will be taking the illusionist spells and I plan to take the Beauty spell.  If I can cast this spell Humans will see a beauty so my caster needs two models.  This was a great excuse to paint up some of my Raging Heroes models.

I also used another one of the Raging Heroes models for the apprentice.  She is a sinister looking model with what I am calling a frost sword. 

For right now the rest of my war band will be made up of Viking models until the second half of my Raging Heroes KS ships out which should be next month.  Since war bands are small I can have some fun and paint up a few different war bands for the game. 

As you can see I am using a lot of Red on these models.  I am still practicing and cataloging my Red paints.  I was amazed by how many different shapes of Red I have in my collection and I am sure I will buy more as time goes on.  I have 12 shades of Red paint, 4 inks and two other paints that can be used with Red.  I have one shade of Red paint that I don't know what color it is, fourth color down.  That is my favorite shade of Red however I have worn the printing off the bottle and don't know what color it is.  This is why I started putting clear tape over the colors on my paint bottles.  


Greg Hess said...

Awesome use of the raging heroes models!

Dagreenskins said...

I can't wait to get the rest of the KS, these models were fun to paint.