Thursday, January 5, 2017

Model Workshop 2017 Bingo Card

One of the podcasts that I listen to is called "Model Workshop After Hours".  It is a group of painters that just talk about hobby subjects while they paint.  I would compare them to a morning radio station with more humor and entertainment then advise on painting.  They also have a web site that provides a verity of information regarding our hobby, Models Workshop

One of the things they are doing is a Bingo Card.  The concept behind the Bingo Card is to have painters break out of their comfort zone and work on different projects.  As you complete these different projects they are crossed off the card just like playing bingo.  The spirit of the Bingo Card is not to do one project that will cross of multiple boxes, it is to do one project per box and to shoot for a Black Out.  This is just one of the many tools I will be using this year to help me improve my painting skills. 

So they have 25 boxes (including the free box) so I have to complete 24 projects, that is two a month......