Saturday, January 7, 2017

Lets Talk About Paitning: Part 2

The first thing new habit I started was taking care of my paints.  Just like our health or relationships we have to give our paints some extra attention.  If you watched the video in Part 1, Mel talked about how paints are made with pigment, binder and water.  What can happen when a paint is not used is those elements will separate and can cause the water to evaporate.  One of the reasons I don't like purchasing GW paints is not the quality of their paint but the paint pots are not airtight.  If you don't use the paint on a regular bases the water will evaporate drying the paint out.  When the water evaporates you can sometimes save the paint by adding more water and giving it a good mix.  If you can't save it then you throw it away. 

Knowing that paints have this problem I started adding a Steal Bearing to my paint pots.  Just like in a spray paint can, it is an agitator to help mix the components up giving you better paint.  Older gamers like me use to build a lot of metal models.  We would save the scrape pieces of metal and use those for an agitator.  Now days companies have moved away from metal and the few companies that use metal save most of the scrape pieces to reuse.  I picked these up at the local game store for a few bucks and I have more then enough to get put one in each of my paints.  The down side to these is when using them in a dropper bottle.  When you get towards the end of that bottle the steel bearing will clog up the dropper.  It is a small price to pay for better paint.  On the plus side the steel bearing is reusable.  Once a color runs out and you open the replacement paint (of the same color) just drop the bearing in. 

I also started marking my paint bottles after adding the steel bearing.  I am doing this so I know what paints already have the agitator.  Then I take a piece of clear tape and put it over the label covering the paint color.  I then take a black marker to underline the paint color.  

I started doing this because when you use a color a lot you can end up removing the print and will now know what color the paint is.  

These two examples are old paints that I have had for years.  I use the colors a lot but I don't use a lot of the paint so these bottles have been open and closed many times.  This issue is more developed from my bad habit of closing the tops too tight making them harder to take off.  Now with the tape I will not have this problem in the future.  

I will talk more about paint care in the future, this post is really just talking about adding the agitator to your paint pots.  This will help mix the paints better so you will get consistent coverage and color. 


Dean Vuckovich said...

Thanks for the 'steel shakers'. Been looking for something for my new paints and I heard copper BB's are no good and I have no more metal bits.

AK was out of stock, but did manage to find on ebay.

Dagreenskins said...

You are welcome Dean glad to help. If you can't find any call Darren maybe he can ship some to you.

Dean Vuckovich said...

My 'balls' came in today :) so glad I read your blog. Wish I had this years ago. Now that spray booth looks tempting :)

Dagreenskins said...

Lol, it is a great spray booth I will be posting more about it in the future