Thursday, January 5, 2017

Lets Talk About Painting: Part 1

One of my goals this year is to really work on improving my painting skills.  I feel that I am a good table top quality painter and can get models painted in a fair amount of time.  I am by no means a speed painter and I am not winning any awards for my painting.  I will say, I am just an average painter with some good skills and habits.

This year I really want to increase my skills as a painter while producing finished miniatures on a regular basis.  I know if I spend a week working on just one model it will look great but I will only have one model finished and it would take forever to paint an army.  I still want to paint a unit in a week and have some amazing models to show for it. 

One of the challenges learning how to become a better painter is information overload.  I can ask 10 people how to paint a certain color and get 10 different answers.  If you spend time on the internet you will get a mix mash of advise and videos that will leave you asking more questions.  What I am going to be doing is just documenting the steps and advise that work for me and sharing that on my blog page.  I am going to break away from just showing pictures of finished projects and sharing more about how I finished the project. 

"Getting Back to Basics" is a term that means starting over or something like that.  How do I start over if I have been painting miniatures for over a decade.  Well I needed to learn what acrylic paints are and how they work.  I found a great video from Mel, The Terrain Tutor, he has a great YouTube channel on building terrain and is worth a visit.  His video "The Science of Acrylic Paints" was helpful to me and provide an understanding of how the paints we use work.  This video helped me develop some new habits that will improve my painting that I will talk about in future posts.  I just wanted to share the video and I consider this the first step to improving my painting skills.