Friday, January 13, 2017

Konflikt '47: Cossack Light Walker

The Russian stater box was released towards the end of 2016 I I picked it up so I could get my Cossack Light Walker.  It is a resin model and required some assembly.  For game purposes it can be have an Auto Cannon or Light Anti Tank Gun.  So the model came with two weapon options.  I decided to replace the weapon barrels with some after market barrels used for 1/35th scale model tanks.  I know they are much larger however they look impressive on this massive walker. 

I also magnetized the barrels so I can switch them out depending on my list. 

I decided to airbrush this model so I could get a nice even coat of paint on it.  I also messed around with trying Zenith Highlighting.  I will be talking more about this type of highlighting when I get better at it.  It did turn out good however I still need more practice at it.

After I practice on the model I covered it all up because I did not paint the rest of the army the same way.  Once the paint was dry I hit it with a wash, Army Painter Soft Tone, and pulled out the details.  I decided not to do any damage or rust affects so it looks like it just walked out of the rift and started shooting at the enemy.