Thursday, January 26, 2017

Blood Bowl Team: Blue Moon Rising

I have slowly been working on my new Blood Bowl team named, Blue Moon Rising.  I choose this name because the Goblins have moon on their shoulder pads and I didn't want to paint them yellow.  So this team will have a beer theme when I start naming the individual models. 

I am also using this team to practice some new painting skills.  On the troll I attempted to do some wet blending on the chest, stomach and face.  It turned out okay however I have more work needed on this skill moving forward.

Take a look at these two pictures of the troll, one has a filter and the other one does not.  Overall I am happy with how it turned out and I have another one to paint so more practice in my future.

I took some close up shots of a Goblin so I could show how thinning my paints provides a better look to the model.  When I painted this model I just thinned my paints with water but I am currently using a 50/50 mix of Distilled Water and Flow Aid. 


Thor said...

Looking good. Nice to see some old school figures.

Blending takes practice, practice, and yet more practice. The concept is simple: apply really thin paint progressively to build up colors and create blends. However, we know the reality of it is anything but simple. A few things that have helped me is using Lahmian Medium to thin the paints. Nothing wrong with your method using flow improver, I just like quick and easy. The medium creates something more like a glaze. Second, 99% of the time it's easier to darken a color than lighten it. Start off with your brighter color, then blend down. Third, washes work great for blending down colors. Keep it thin, add medium or flow improver to the wash, and go to town. I like using washes that way because pigments are nice and mixed already. Fourth, practice, practice, and practice. I said that already, didn't I?

Dagreenskins said...

Thor thanks for the comment and great advise. I will have to give the Lahmian Medium a try. I really wish GW would put that type of a product in a dropper bottle. I will be taking your advise and trying those techniques out on my second troll. Again, thanks for all your insight on this subject.


Thor said...

No problem.

I would so love to see GW adopt dropper bottles too.

rob Grimnak said...

Love seeing these old school models, and I think your paint job looks great. Thanks for your comment also, Thor, good call on starting bright and blending down, I think I might try that out on my next model!