Monday, January 9, 2017

Airbrushing: Spray Booth

Part of my journey this year will include learning how to use my airbrush.  I was going to learn how to use an airbrush last year but I got distracted with other things.  The biggest problem I had was setting everything up outside and breaking it down when I'm done.  It was just a pain in the ass and caused me to just forget about it.  Well this problem has been solved by purchasing a spray booth.

For the cost this one came highly recommended by my local shop.  It is just a generic model used by a few companies just putting their name on it.  This one is Master Airbrush and was under $100 with the exhaust parts not shown in the pictures.

I went with this model and it fits nicely on my hobby desk.  I had some time over the weekend to try it out and see how it works and how my paint is exhausted.  For acrylic paints I don't plan to exhaust the spray booth outside however if I get into other paints I will have to exhaust it outside.  I set it up on my desk, the length is 19 inches, and put some paper towels over the filters to reduce the amount of paint exhausted.  I then place some paper towels behind the spray booth covering the fan to capture the paint exhausted.

So I worked on a Russian tank to see what would happen.  I must say it worked out great the amount of paint exhausted was minimal and captured by the paper towels that were placed behind the spray booth.

I even took some time to mess around with some highlighting the edges.  The pictures don't really show the highlights but it worked.  I will be talking about highlighting in future posts but for now I am just trying to get the basics down.

I also picked up some primer so I can start using my airbrush to prime all my models moving forward.  I don't mind using the rattle cans for priming however I get better coverage with my airbrush and don't have to worry about the weather outside.


Mike G. said...

I'm surprised you had to put paper towels over the back of the fan. I've been thinking about getting the same booth.

Dagreenskins said...

It was my first time using it so I wanted to know how much paint was exhausted. It is a good spray booth for the price.

Tom O said...

I appreciate what you are doing regarding painting on your blog this year. I will keep up on it. I have been tempted to invest in an airbrush myself. Which model are you using?

Dagreenskins said...

Thanks Tom, I have a SprayMax trigger style for priming large pieces like terrain. I also have a Iwata dual action for models. I will be picking up a Grex from IOG later this year. They have more needle size options and very quite compressor.

Robert Brightwell said...

This will likely be a big year for the airbrush for me as well. I like the booth. Nice write-up. Thanks