Monday, October 24, 2016

Making Terrain

So I have been slowing getting into making terrain over the past few years.  It all started with me building 4ground buildings for Saga and some terrain for the local game store.  A few weeks back I starting watching YouTube videos by The Terrain Tutor.  He provides instructional videos on making old school gaming terrain built from stuff found at the hardware store.  I was really inspired by his videos and decided to venture into making some terrain from scratch.

My first terrain project were hedges that will be used as LOS blockers and add some color to the table.  I cut out some MDF into 6 X 1.5 sections.  I glued some Blue Foam (High Density Foam) that was cut out to 6 x 1.5 X .75.  Once the glue was dry I rounded all the corners with a sanding block and painted the foam.  I painted the foam bark brown and the base tan.  Then I just started gluing the clump flock on with PVA glue.  This was a slow process, I would glue flock on one side and let it dry for a few hours, then the other side.  After both sides had dried then I would finish the top and both ends.  PVA glue is messy to work with and if you don't let it dry the clump flock falls off.  The last step was to cover all the clump flock with watered down PVC glue.  I actually did this a few different time just make sure the clump flock was secure and sturdy to hold up to gaming.  Very important note, when you get the PVA glue wet is will soften and can cause the clump flock to come off.  It is import to just be careful when applying the watered down PVC glue.

I am very happy with the results and they will be hitting the table this weekend.  My next project will be barbwire hazards.   

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Universal Wound, Morale and Fatigue Counters

I play a lot of games that require players to track Wounds, Morale and Fatigue.  I have collected many different tokens and markers to track these things during games.  So I decided to create a universal counter that can be used for these games.  I took a washer and a nail and glued them together.

I then did some base work, primer and paint.

I now can use these to track different things things during games I play.  I am using skulls to track the wounds, morale or fatigue and each stand can hold five skulls.  If I need more then I will use a Red bead and then stack more skulls.

Band of Painters October 2016

So kicking off this month with another 250 points towards my Russian army.  I added another unit of infantry with 11 men and one with a LMG.  I also found a model from another company that I can use as a light walker.  Warlord will not have any of the weird war stuff out until next month so this gives me something to play with until then.  So I am currently at 500 points of my 1000 point goal.