Monday, May 30, 2016

GW Technical Paint

So I recently picked up some of the new GW Technical Paint: Agrellan Earth.  I was interested in the cracked earth look on bases and this stuff is advertise as doing so.  I messed around with it and was amazed how well it works.  Depending on the look you want determines what prep is required.  If you want a mild cracking then don't prep the base and just paint on a healthy coat of the paint on the base.  I wanted a real cracked earth look so applied a coat of white glue on the base and then a thick coat of the paint.  After the painted dried and cracked I gave it a heavy wash and some dry brushing.   

Warhammer Quesrt: Silver Tower

So I recently picked up the new release of Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower.  I started getting the models built and picked this one to paint first.  I really like painting individual models because it gives me a chance to work on different painting skills.  I don't see me putting a lot of time painting all these models all at once.  I will most likely just pull one out and paint it when I need a break from my other projects. 

Flames of War: Corsair

I have always liked the Corsair since I first saw it on a TV show, Baa Baa Black Sheep.  This model was recently released for the new Flames of War Pacific.  I decided to pick it up and get some paint on it.  It is a great looking model and was fun to paint.  One day I should really learn how to play Flames of War I have enough models for a few different armies. 



So I was getting ready to start taking photos of my finished Viking army and discovered that I am short one Warrior.  So now I need to strip another model and get it painted and that will finished my army.  I did finish the Berserkers last week so figured I would at least post a picture of them. 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower

So GW has been talking about bringing back Specialist Games and this has created a lot of conversation with many people I know.  So this week was the release of Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, I picked up a copy and got to work on it.  I am really impressed with what GW is doing with this game.  They updated the models to fit in the AoS world and they are expanding the heroes from their regular model line.  If you download the app you can purchase stats for 37 more heroes for the game.  They also added a new hero in this weeks issue of WD, I am sure they will be releasing more in the future. 

Later this year they will be releasing an updated version of Blood Bowl and this is very exciting.  There are also rumors that EPIC will be returning and many other games.  We could be entering in a new Golden Era of gaming for a new generation who never played these amazing games.

So check out Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower

Saturday, May 14, 2016

My Renovated Hobby Room

I did something different to show my renovated hobby room and make a video.  It is not edited or anything exciting but it shows what I have created.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Con. Games: Thunder Alley

I finished my Thunder Alley board and worked out all the rule changes to make the game work.  We have played it a few times now and it works great and is ready for Phx Comicon next month.  Let me start with how the board was finished.

The board started out with just a gray background and the lines were black.

I wanted to add some color so I used a sponge to make the outside of the board look like grass.

Then to jazz it up I decided to paint the infield Red and the title of the game.

The yellow line had to be added to indicate the Pit Lane.  I wanted it to look worn like a real race track.

So a few concepts had to be changed to make this all work.  Since I eliminated the team cards I had to make cards.  This allows the players to select the cars for their team and have a bit more fun while playing.  I also wanted to get away from all the cardboard markers so I went with dry erase markers and simple damage boxes. 

The cars also had to be changed to track needed information.  I took a nail and glued it to the base.  This allows me to use plastic beads to indicate the team color and if a car has gone or not.  The bottom bead indicates the team color and the white bead indicates if the car has gone or not.  Also, if the car is lapped I have some orange beads that indicates that the car has been lapped. 

Here is the game in all its glory being played at our local game store, IOG. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Marvel Miniatures

So prior to me renovating my hobby room I started on a small gaming project.  Tim and I were asked to host some games at the upcoming Comicon in Arizona.  I am going to host my up scaled version of Thunder Alley, which by the way is done I just need to write up a blog post on it, and Tim is going to host the new Marvel game from Knight Models.  In my usual fashion I jumped right in purchased a bunch of models and started painted.  Outside of my usual fashion I finished this project before moving on to my next project.  I am playing the Avengers and my team is made up of Black Widow, Iron Man, Captain America and Thor.  I also have Black Panther but he still needs to be painted and he should paint up easy. 

I will say these models look great but have some issues with a few things.  First, the models are made in a way that limits any verity with poses.  It is just the way the models are made and you just cant do much to change the poses.  Second, some of the models are mounted on rock formations and some are not.  The bases are also molded with some rocks.  Not sure why Knight Models did this and I really didn't like the bases.  Lastly, some of the detail lines are thin and shallow on Captain America's shield and when I painted the shield I lost the detail.  Outside of these few issues the models when together nicely with not much in the way of mold lines.  I really like the fact that when you purchase a starter army you get a copy of the rules in the blister with the models.  This is a simple game and should be a big hit at Comicon.